Anthem - Weapons List

A list of weapons in Anthem, arranged by category.

Anthem Weapons List

Heavy Pistols

Barrage Blastback
Resolution Close Encounter
Avenging Herald Glorious Result

Machine Pistols

Hailstorm Fulcrum
Unending Battle Vassa’s Surprise
Retaliation of Garretus


Scattershot Constructor
Vengeance Radiant Fortress
Papa Pump

Assault Rifles

Defender Hammerhead
Warden Divine Vengeance
Elemental Rage Ralner’s Blaze

Marksman Rifles

Anvil Scout
Guardian Light of the Legion
Soothing Touch Death from Above
Thunderbolt of Yvenia

Light Machine Guns

Relentless Savage


Renewed Courage Artinia’s Gambit
Cycle of Pain

Sniper Rifles

Deadeye Devastator
Whirlwind Wyvern Blitz
Truth of Tarsis Siege Breaker


Cloudburst Mauler
Torrent Fist of Stral
The Last Stand Endless Siege

Grenade Launchers

Bombardier Aftershock
Lurker Sentinel’s Vengeance
Insult and Injury Balm of Gavinicus

Volt Rifles

Jarra’s Wrath

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