Anthem - Battle System

A basic guide to Anthem's battle system, including basic tips for engaging enemies.

Anthem Battle System

Anthem Battle System Basics

Team Coordination

Anthem Battle System

When fighting in a team and repeatedly attacking enemies, “COMBO!” will be displayed on the screen. You can unload big damage on enemies when performing combos with your allies.

Ultimate Abilities

Anthem Battle System

Each Javelin has access to a unique Ultimate Ability that unleashes a devastating attack. This can wipe out enemies quickly or turn the tide of battle in dire situations. Ultimate Abilities must be charged by defeating enemies or assisting allies before they become usable. As such, it is recommended to save Ultimate Abilities for when you need the extra firepower.

Replenishing Ammo

Anthem Battle System

When fighting a long and drawn-out battle, you may run out of ammo. You can replenish your supply by picking up ammo dropped by slain enemies, though it is better to learn how to conserve your supply. Try to use weapons that rely on charges more often than weapons that require ammunition if you find yourself regularly out of bullets.

Attacking While Mobile

Anthem Battle System

Getting comfortable moving while attacking is an essential part of combat in Anthem. Use your thrusters to quickly close the gap between you and your target while ready to dodge any incoming attacks. You can also fire while dodging.

Aim for An Enemy’s Weak Points

Anthem Battle System

Targeting specific areas of an enemy’s body allows you to deal more damage. This is especially true with large monsters who have very large hitboxes. The size of the weak points makes it very easy to target.


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