Elden Ring - How to Increase Memory Slots

A guide on how to increase Memory Slots in Elden Ring, including where to find all Memory Stones, and other useful tips.

Elden Ring - How to Increase Memory Slots

How to Increase Memory Slots in Elden Ring

What are Memory Slots?

In Elden Ring, Memory Slots allow your character to equip various Sorceries and Incantations, making them usable in battle. They are akin to Spell Attunement Slots found in past Souls games.

Having enough Memory Slots is obviously beneficial if your character’s playstyle adopts any form of magic in the game. Because of this, it is important to increase the maximum number of magic slots available to your character.

Obtain Memory Stones to Increase Memory Slots

You can unlock additional Memory Slots by acquiring key items called Memory Stones which are found all throughout the lands between.

Item Overview

Item Type Key Item
Description A black, lightly beguiling stone. Prized by the sorcerers who produce them. Increases memory slots. Said to be a fragment of the black moon that once hung above the Eternal City.

All Memory Stone Locations

Below is a list of all Memory Stones and where to find them in the game.

Area How to Get
Roundtable Hold Upon reaching Castle Stormveil and defeating Godrick the Grafted, you must take Godrick’s Great Rune to Divine Tower Limgrave and restore it. Afterwards, head to Roundtable Hold and enter the large door to find the merchant Finger Read Enia. You can then purchase a Memory Stone from her for 3000 Runes.
Oridys’ Rise Head east of Castle Morne Rampart’s Site of Grace to the entrance of Oridys’ Rise. Then, approach the statue and defeat the spectral turtles that appear. Afterwards, enter the tower and climb up to the top to find a chest. Open it to get the Memory Stone.
Academy of Raya Lucaria Defeat the Red Wolf of Radagon to get the Memory Stone.
Converted Tower Head west from Liurnia Lake to reach the entrance of the tower. Afterwards, go right from the entrance and climb the ruined wall. Afterwards, jump across to enter the tower. Climb the stairs to the top to find a chest. Open it to get the Memory Stone.
Testu’s Rise Head north from the Academy of Raya Lucaria. Approach the statue near the entrance of the tower and defeat the spectral turtles. Then, enter the tower and climb to the top. Open the chest there to get the Memory Stone.
Seluvis’ Rise Head northwest of Liurnia of the Lakes and defeat Royal Knight Loretta at the manor. Afterwards, enter Ranni’s Rise and rescue Ranni. Completing this objective will unlock the door to Seluvis’ Rise. Climb the tower to find the Memory Stone at the top.

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