Battle Tree Information on Red [Pokémon Sun and Moon]

Learn the techniques to defeat Pokemon Trainer Red's Party Pokemon

This article will feature details including Party Pokemon, recommended Pokemon and strategy for single, super single, and multi formats when battling Pokemon Trainer Red at the Battle Tree in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Basic Information on Pokemon Trainer Red



Upon reaching the 20th round of the Battle Tree Single format, you will challenge Pokemon Trainer Red. As for Super Single Format, Pokemon Trainer Red appears at the 50th round.

In addition to the Singles Format, you can challenge Pokemon Trainer Red as a partner of Blue in the Multi Format. Similar to the Singles Format, you will also challenge Pokemon Trainer Red on the Multi Battles Format at the 20th round. For Super Multi, he will appear with Blue at the 50th round.

Upon defeating Pokemon Trainer Red, you can find him near the Battle Tree entrance. If you talk to him, you will obtain the following megastones: Venusaurite, Charizardite X, Charizardite Y, and the Blastoisinite.

  • Red’s Party Pokemon’s Battle Tree Item and Move Sets during the first battle

During your first arrival at the Battle  Tree, you can challenge Pokemon Trainer Red or Pokemon Trainer Blue. Similar to the Main Story, there are no restrictions therefore you can freely use any Pokemon, level, held item, etc.

[Battle Tips]

Pokemon Trainer Red’s party will consist of high-leveled Pokemon, thus you are required to increase your party pokemon’s levels first before you take on the challenge. The Pikachu Red switches out first can easily be countered with a Pokemon with the ability Lightningrod or a Ground-type Pokemon since they are immune to Electric-type moves. Therefore it is recommended to have one of these types sent out first, and if possible those which can be taught buffing moves.

Others that do not have buffing moves but belong to one of these types can be used provided that you use boosting items like X Attack to compensate for it.

Upon defeating Pokemon Trainer Red, you will obtain 9240 pokedollars.

Pokémon Type Held Item Moves
Electric Light Ball ・Volt Tackle
・Quick Attack
・Light Screen


・Ice Shard
Normal ・Body Slam
・Heavy Slam
・High Horsepower


・Sludge Bomb
・Leaf Storm
・Leech Seed


・Fire Blast
・Air Slash
・Focus Blast
Water ・Ice Beam
・Hydro Pump
・Flash Cannon
・Dark Pulse
  • Red’s Party pokemon’s possible Battle Tree Item and Move Sets

The following Pokemon that will be used by Pokemon Trainer Red will be chosen at random. Since no two Pokemon of the same species may enter, only one of the possible Held Item and move sets will be chosen.

Pokémon Type Held Item Possible Moves
Venusaur Grass
Big Root ・Leech Seed
Grassium Z ・Roar
・Power Whip
Salac Berry ・Energy Ball
・Sludge Bomb
・Grass Knot
Venusaurite ・Synthesis
・Sludge Bomb
・Giga Drain
Charizard Fire
Salac Berry ・Dragon Claw
・Fire Fang
・Belly Drum
・Shadow Claw
Charti Berry ・Dragon Claw

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