Ula’ula Island Walkthrough Part 1: From Malie City up to Sophocles’ Trials [Pokémon Sun and Moon]

Witness the glorious architecture of Malie City and encounter new and familiar faces at Ula'ula Island!

This is Samurai Gamers’ Ula’ula Island walkthrough for Pokémon Sun and Moon. It covers the events from the time you arrive in Malie City up to the trials of Sophocles. It also covers the Island Kahuna, with information on Pokémon and items to be found.

Malie City


A battle with Hau awaits you when you arrive at Ula'ula Island.
A battle with Hau awaits you when you arrive at Ula’ula Island.
If your starter is Hau will use
Rowlet Brionne (Lv 29)
Flareon (Lv 28)
Alolan Raichu (Lv 28)
Litten Dartrix (Lv 29)
Vaporeon (Lv 28)
Alolan Raichu (Lv 28)
Popplio Torracat (Lv 29)
Leafeon (Lv 28)
Alolan Raichu (Lv 28)
Reward: 1740 pokédollars

Hau will challenge you once you get to Ula’ula Island. He will make sure that both your teams are in fighting form first before anything else, though.

After defeating Hau, head left past the Pokémon Center, then go up, entering Malie Garden.

Malie Garden

Pokémon Encounters
Possible Levels
Masquerain 24 (night)
Meowth(Alola) 26
Poliwag 24
Ariados 25 (night)
Petilil ** 27
Araquanid 27
Ledian 27
Cottonee *
Goldeen 23
Magikarp 24

* Exclusive to Pokémon Sun
** Exclusive to Pokémon Moon

Name Location
Luxury Ball A nook in the southwest corner of the garden
Grassy Seed From the entrance, walk along the the wall on the right.
Rage Candy Bar Under the red umbrella in front of the tea house.
Big Mushroom In front of the building at the northeast corner of the garden
Zygarde Cell At the northwest edge of Malie Garden


Trainer Encountered Pokémon Reward
Preschooler Ailey Cleffa Lv.26 312 pokédollars
Tourist Mitch Persian Lv.27
1560 pokédollars
Tourist Akali Raticate Lv.26
Raichu Lv.27
1620 pokédollars

Hau will meet up with you again when you enter Malie Garden, but will leave you again to look for Professor Kukui.

Meet Hau once again as you arrive at Malie Garden.

Walk around the left side of the garden. Pick up a Luxury Ball inside a nook to your left, then defeat the little trainer going around the lamp post.

Proceed up and to your right. Cross the small bridge into the narrow strip of land. Professor Kukui is sitting on a red bench in front of the tea house. Hau will catch up with you, and talks to the professor about the events on Aether Paradise.

Kukui instructs you to go to Mount Hokulani, where your next challenge awaits. You need to take the bus from Route 10 to get there.

Before going however, finish collecting the other items in the area. Get a Rage Candy Bar under the red umbrella in front of the tea house, then go on to the big building in the north to get a Big Mushroom.

Walk to the left and cross the two small bridges to get to the other side of the garden. Take out the trainer waiting in between the bridges, then walk down another narrow strip of land and get the Zygarde Cell at the very end.

Search the northwest edge past the grass patches to obtain a Zygarde Cube.

Return to the tea house, then cross the central bridge. Go right this time, beating the trainer waiting in the middle. Keep on walking in this direction. Pick up the Grassy Seed at the end of the path.

Exit Malie Garden when you have obtained all the items.

Malie City


Name Location
TM76 (Fly) Talk to the tourist wearing a hat inside the Malie Library.
Zygarde Cell (Daytime) Between two parked patrol cars near the gate to Malie Garden.
Zygarde Cell At the end of a corridor inside the Malie City Community Center
Strange Souvenir Talk to a man sitting in the lobby of the Community Center
Best Friend Ribbon Talk to a little girl inside the Community Center
Weather stones Answer the quiz given inside the Community Center correctly

Lillie is waiting for you outside the gates of Malie Garden. She’d like your help in finding a certain book in the Malie Library. After she leaves, go west.

You will bump into a familiar face – He looks like the famous Professor Samuel Oak from the Kanto region, but he’s actually a cousin, Samson. He’s researching about regional Pokémon variants found in Alola. He’ll give you a clue on where to find him if you need to talk to him again, so keep sharp.

While roaming Malie City, you will eventually encounter Samson Oak.

Head north from the main road to the library. Lillie is standing in front, and says she got lost again. Hapu and her Mudsdale will show up and offer to help, but Lillie insists on checking out the library before going anywhere else.

Follow Lillie as she goes upstairs to find the book. She’s not sure if she can borrow it once she finds it; just then, a girl suggests a book to her. She reads a few lines from the book.

Part of the prophecy that Lillie reads from the book.

The girl who suggested the book is named Acerola, and her father was the one who wrote the book Lillie is reading, among others. Lillie stays behind with Acerola to learn more about the legendary Alola Pokémon.

Before leaving the library, talk to the woman with the big hat reading in the first floor. She will give you TM76 (Fly).

Get TM76 from this tourist in the library

Also, Samson Oak is standing in the back corner of the library’s first floor. If you have caught or evolved an Alolan Persian from an Alolan Meowth, show it to him and he will give you a Love Ball.

Pop into the Malie City Community Center next door to the Library to get a few choice items. Talk to the man sitting in the lobby to get a Strange Souvenir, then to the little girl, who will give you a Best Friend Ribbon if your lead Pokémon has a high degree of affection towards you.

Answer the quiz given inside the Weather Class to get four special rocks that can affect the weather and prolong certain special effects. There’s a flea market next door where you can buy some stuff. Talk to the boy sitting at the table, who will say that he has found either a Dusk Stone or a Shiny Stone. Talk to him once you’ve completed the island challenge and he will sell you the stone he’s found. Finally, get a Zygarde Cell at the end of the community center’s corridor.

A Zygarde cell inside the Community Center

Head back to Malie City’s main road. You can get a Zygarde Cell between two parked trucks during daytime.

Check between the two parked patrol cars to obtain another Zygarde Cell.

Outer Cape (Optional)

Pokémon Encounters

Name Possible Levels
Alolan Grimer 26
Alolan Raticate 27
Gumshoos 26 (daytime only)
Magnemite 26
Trubbish 27


Name Location
Antidote Northwest corner of Outer Cape
Nugget Southeast corner of Outer Cape
X Speed Narrow path to the north of Outer Cape
Zygarde Cell (Daytime) Beside a parked truck.

Trainers Encountered

Name Pokémon Reward
Janitor Melvin Trubbish (Lv. 26)
Trubbish (Lv.27)
1850 pokédollars
Janitor Shawn
Ace Trainer Chase
Alolan Muk (Lv.27)
Alolan Grimer (Lv.29)
2160 pokédollars
3944 pokédollars

Go up to the north of Malie City to visit Ula’ula’s Outer Cape. The Outer Cape holds a recycling plant that processes all of Alola’s trash by feeding it to Muk and Grimer. Aside from the items you pick up, you can catch a few new Pokémon here too.

Pick up an Antidote beside the patch of short grass near the recycling plant. Head up to the edge of cliff to find Samson Oak, who will then give you a Friend Ball. There’s an X Speed at the end of the narrow path beside where you find Oak as well.

Check out this spot for an X Speed

If it’s daytime, you can pick up a Zygarde Cell beside a truck parked beside the recycling plant. You can get a Nugget from the southeast part of Outer Cape as well.

Pick up a Nugget from here

Take on the trainers in the area with Fighting- and Ground-type Pokémon, then head south  to Malie City, then to the left to enter Route 10.

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