How to Change Battle Style [Pokémon Sun and Moon]

Detailed information on the Battle Style which covers: how to customize your Poke Ball throwing pose, and battle pose in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

What is a Battle Style?

The Battle style is a new mechanic where you can change your character’s stance during a Pokemon battle, as well as the way your character throw’s the ball as soon as the battle commences.

How to obtain new Battle styles

Head to the Recycling Plant at Outer Cape in Ula’ula Island to customize your Battle Style. This can be done by talking to the Gester who can be identified as the gentleman wearing an orange shirt.

Style Requirement
Normal Battle Style Default
Elegant Style You will obtain this style from Gester immediately. (Location: Outer Cape Near the Recycling Plant)
Girlish Style After finishing Olivia’s trial, go to Lana’s house to battle the sisters. Then battle Lana and defeat her. (Location: Lana’s house)
Reverent style Defeat Kiawe in Paniola Town. (Sun)/ Defeat Mallow in Lush Jungle (Moon). (Location: Kiawe’s house (Sun)/ Mallow’s house (Moon))
Smug style Defeat Gladion.  (Location: Foot of Mount Lanakila)
Left-handed style Finish the sub-event. (Location: Ilima’s house)
Passionate style Defeat 50 trainers in a row. (Location: Battle Tree)
Idol style Reach Master Rank. (Location: Battle Royal)

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BTW the “Gester” is actually wearing a red shirt for the people who can actually see colors correctly.

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