How to Get a Kangaskhan [Pokémon Sun and Moon]

Detailed Information regarding Kangaskhan’s Location and the strategy to encounter it in Pokémon Sun and Moon.



How to Get a Kangaskhan

Kangaskhan’s spawn rate at the Grass Patches in Vera Volcano Park is very low. Attempting to encoutner it this way is tedious since it requires luck and endurance. Fortunately, Cubone also spawns at the Grass Patches at a higher rate, and it can summon Kangaskhan. Therefore, be sure to catch one when it intrudes a SOS battle instead.

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    • Lol I went to go get a Magby for flame body and I encountered a kangaskan randomly I didn’t realize how rare it was lol

  1. My god I’m literally playing moon right now and after 4 (Or 3) salandits and 1 fletchling I came across a kangaskhan… this must be my lucky day :)))))

  2. I found one and was like cool I’ll get it for my pokedex and move on. Accidentally killed it with prima then was like I’ll look for it again. Just now found out how rare it was uuuugghh.

  3. I was shiny hunting cubine and a kangaskan showed up and I wasn’t even aware that I could get one this way! And when I look it up it’s super rare so I’m pretty happy!

  4. Kangaskhan has the lowest encounter rate of any pokemon in wela volcano park so I’m going to get it in an SOS encounter from Cubone. Helpful tip: Use Adrenaline Orbs

  5. I caught one and I was looking up if they were all female because they carry one in their pouch and it said that it was rare to find one. I think I’m lucky now because I was looking for a cub one and found something rarer. ????????

  6. To be honest I would rather look in da tall grass then wait for a cub one to summon it its to me more frustrating and it’s like a snorelax only a snorelax to get one you need to wait for a munch lax to summon one or u evolve the munchlax.