How to get Rare Candy Cafe Method [Pokémon Sun and Moon]

Rare Candies and Poké beans are essential items in your Pokémon Sun and Moon adventure.

This article will discuss tips on how to get a Rare Candy daily. Getting Poké Beans will be discussed as well.

Rare candy lets you level up your Pokemon easily
Rare candy lets you level up your Pokémon easily.

How to get Rare Candy

Giving Rare Candy to a Pokemon is the fastest way to power it up ever since the first Pokémon games. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, there’s a way to get more without resorting to using cheat codes.

One way of receiving Rare Candy is to feed Poké beans to the Pokémon in your party. You can get Beans from the baristas in Pokémon Centers throughout the Alola region. Feed your team 15 or more Poké Beans, and the next barista you talk to might give you a Rare Candy.

However, since we need more Poké Beans, developing the Poké Pelago is recommended.

This table summarizes the required amount of Poke Beans to be fed in order to obtain the next Rare Candy.

Fed Poké  beans Reward
5 Rare Candy x1
10 Rare Candy x1
20 Rare Candy x1
50 Rare Candy x1
100 Rare Candy x1
200 Rare Candy x1
500 Rare Candy x1
1,000 Rare Candy x1
10,000 Rare Candy x1
100,000 Rare Candy x1

How to get Poké Beans


Poke Beans in Pokemon Refresh
Using Poké Beans in Pokémon Refresh

Get some from the Poké Pelago islands

You can get Poké Beans from Isle Abeens, the first island that you can visit in the Poké Pelago. Isle Abeens has a beanstalk growing in its middle; tap the beanstalk to make Poké Beans fall to the ground for you to collect them. You can harvest Poké Beans again after a few minutes.

You get access to the Poké Pelago after clearing the Trial of Captain Kiawe and registering Charizard to your Ride Pager.

Get them from the Cafe

You can get Poké Beans after ordering in the Cafe at Pokémon Centers. The barista will give you 12 random beans once a day.

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None of the rare candy qr codes dont really give you rare candy

Thanks for the help

how to get 100 rare candies

i wish it was easier than that

how am supposed to get100,000 candies!!!!!!!?????!!!

I didn’t know bit now I do cause I wanted to levely pikachu and as greninja and Lycanroc* to 100

this is awesome because I did not know how many poke beans that I needed but all I knew was that when you fed your pokemon 5 of them.

No, you don't have to know my idenity

OMG, how can I feed THAT much? That would probably take a month for me since I can’t play on weekdays, but I CAN play on weekends, anyway. I just can’t feed my pokemon 100,000 pokebeans. Can you people try to find another way to get rare candies, in a much easier, faster, way? And please try to find a way that gives a lot of rare candy!


It says its a possibility, not that you have to. You can feed them any number on the list to get rare candies.

you can farm the battle dome for bp a buy them for 48 bp each

you can buy them from battle spot

Wait, feed ur entire team?

thanks for helping me

What happens after 100,000?

Who knows?????????????????????


Jacob do you have Flygon?
I would love to trade it for Dragonite


How is that even possible

A person can quick connect to e second 2ds/3ds duh it’s just so obvious

If you beat the game right you will get him or if you traded by gts,link,or wonder trade

William, what would u want for a lunala?

I did it by going to the alter of you cover legendary at the time of day that is not acoiated with your cover legend go through the worm hole (have to have your cover legend in your party). It will be the oposit time of day go to the Lake of the (cover legend) you will trigger a cut seen, proced with the cut seen and you will obtain cosmog. You have to give cosmoen to a friend who is playing th e oposit game title and have n them level cosmoen from 52 too 53. And boom you… Read more »

Thanks!!!Toucannon and downfall of lurantis here I come!!!

Thanks!!!Totes helpful!!

How long will I have to wait until my Pokemon are hungry again?

fight battles. At 0 hunger, pokemon can eat 3 pokebeans. So I assume pokebeans fill two slots. Anyways, on to the question. One battle will empty 1 hunger point. Meaning that doing five battles with that pokemon will get it down to the will to eat 3 pokebeans. 4 battles 2 pokebeans. 3 battles 2 pokebeans. 2 battles 1 pokebean and 1 batttle 1 pokebean.

How do i tell how many i have currently fed while I’m between the marks

Hi Pikablu, I think you have to count them manually. If you lost track, trial and Error might help.

What if you have already past the 200 Poke-beans fed mark?

Hi Yoshi, we’ve just updated the list. We’re not sure about the reward after the updated mark though.

i think…

I have 4 meowths on my team, and I have lapras, thx!

for me I have to feed my pokemon 100 poke beans to get a rare candy 🙁

You can get a rare candy by the lady near the shop in hea hea city