How to get Rare Candy everyday [Pokémon Sun and Moon]

Rare Candies and Poké beans are essential items in your Pokémon Sun and Moon adventure.

This article will discuss tips on how to get a Rare Candy daily. Getting Poké Beans will be discussed as well.

Rare candy lets you level up your Pokemon easily
Rare candy lets you level up your Pokémon easily.

How to get Rare Candy every day

Giving Rare Candy to a Pokemon is the fastest way to power it up ever since the first Pokémon games. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, there’s a way to get more without restoring to using cheat codes.

One way of receiving Rare Candy is to feed Poké beans to the Pokémon in your party. You can get Beans from the baristas in Pokémon Centers throughout the Alola region. Feed your team 15 or more Poké Beans, and the next barista you talk to might give you a Rare Candy. This method can get you at least one candy per day.

However, since we need more Poké Beans, developing the Poké Pelago is recommended.

How to get Poké Beans


Poke Beans in Pokemon Refresh
Using Poké Beans in Pokémon Refresh

Get some from the Poké Pelago islands

You can get Poké Beans from Isle Abeens, the first island that you can visit in the Poké Pelago. Isle Abeens has a beanstalk growing in its middle; tap the beanstalk to make Poké Beans fall to the ground for you to collect them. You can harvest Poké Beans again after a few minutes.

You get access to the Poké Pelago after clearing the Trial of Captain Kiawe and registering Charizard to your Ride Pager.

Get them from the Cafe

You can get Poké Beans after ordering in the Cafe at Pokémon Centers. The barista will give you 12 random beans once a day.

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