How to Get a Toxapex [Pokemon Sun and Moon]

How to Obtain Toxapex



  • You need to evolve Mareanie in order to obtain Toxapex. Mareanie will evolve at Level 38.
  • You can catch Mareanie by fishing, but the chance for Mareanie to randomly appear is low.
  • You will receive the Fishing Rod from Lana after beating her trial on Brooklet Hill in Akala Island.
  • Prepare a high-performance ball (like a Great Ball or Ultra Ball) before finding Mareanie for a better chance of capturing it.

Fishing spots where Mareanie appears

  • Melemele Island – Melemele Sea (Hau’oli Outskirts)
  • Akala Island – Route 9

Strong Points

Toxapex is good at enduring multiple hits from enemies due to its high Defense and Sp. Defense stats.

In addition, if it is holding Shell Bell, Leftovers, or Sitrus Berry, its durability will greatly improve.

Besides having defense-oriented stats, its move Toxic is a very effective offensive move to slowly decreasing the enemy’s HP. Also, the poison damage from Toxic worsens every turn.




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