Directions for Haina Desert and Ruins of Abundance [Pokémon Sun and Moon]

Learn how to get out of the labyrinth and reach the Ruins of Abundance!

This article contains visual instructions on how to leave Haina Desert and reach the Ruins of Abundance in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Haina Desert

The map south of Ula’ula Island is the Haina Desert.

Near the Haina Desert is the Ruins of Abundance. After finishing the Main Story, you can battle Tapu Bulu there.

When you have finished Acerola’s Trials, you can access Haina Desert which is north of Route 13.

One of the Pokemon obtainable in Haina Desert is Gabite.

How to escape from Haina Desert

The map of Haina Desert is a maze which requires a chronological order in order to escape from it. The method in order to escape from the Desert is to follow the order of the stone markings: 2, 1, 4, and 3.

In addition, if you reach the middle part of the map, you will obtain the item Psychium Z.

① When you enter Haina Desert, proceed upward and proceed to stone marking “2.”


② Head east and proceed to the stone marking “1.”


③ Head north to reach the portion where an old man is standing.


④ Head north past the Old Man and switch to the Ride Pager: Mudsdale to go past the Rocky terrain.


While riding Mudsdale, head east to stone marking “4.”


⑤ When you leave the rocky terrain, there is a pedestal in the back and you can obtain the item “Psychium Z.”

After getting Psychium Z, move west to the return to the original Route.


⑥ After returning to the original position, you will reach the next area.

※ Note: The stone marking that was originally 4 has changed to stone marking 1.


As you head upwards, there is stone marking “3” (a stone pillar with a pattern can be examined).


⑦ Heading upwards past stone marking “3” will take you to the Ruins of Abundance.

Once you have reached this portion, you may now use the Ride Pager: Charizard.
If you have finished the Main Story, you can enter the Ruins of Abundance to encounter Tapu Bulu.

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  1. thank you. i have all the other tapu and can hardly find my way out of here once im in. this will help immensely.

  2. What if your stuck in the block maze and aci s entity the blocks got pushed so far you can’t get to the entrance? Cause that’s what happend to me and I’m still stuck it’s been 2 weeks!