How to Get a Hidden Ability Talonflame [Pokémon Sun and Moon]

Learn how to obtain the special talonflame in poni island

Detailed information on In-Game Traded Talonflame’s Location, moveset, ability, level, item held, etc. in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

How to get Gale Wings Talonflame



You can trade for Talonflame that has the hidden ability Gale Wings from the Man wearing black clothes in front of the Battle Tree on Poni Island’s nearest route. However, the NPC will ask for Bewear in exchange. You can obtain Bewear by evolving Stufful. You can catch Stufful at Route 8 and the Akala Island Edge. It is difficult to encounter one since it has a very low spawn rate.

Talonflame Obtained from the In-Game Trade

Name(Nickname): Tunnel
OT: Hu Fu
ID No.: 591022
Level: 59
Gender: ♂
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Gale Wings
Held Item: Firium Z
HP: 171 (17-18 IV)
Attack: 107 (11-12 IV)
Defense: 94 (9-10 IV)
Sp.Attack: 95 (24 IV)
Sp.Defense: 99 (22-23 IV)
Speed: 188 (31 IV)
Moves learned: Flame Charge / Acrobatics / Me First / Tailwind

This special Talonflame has the held item Firium Z. The numbers written inside the parenthesis after each stat are the Individual Values (IV) calculated. This Talonflame has a 31 IV in Speed which is the highest possible IV that a certain stat can have; and in addition, it has the Nature Jolly which raises this Pokémon’s Speed at the cost of Sp.Attack. In other words, this Talonflame has the maximum possible Speed.

The Ability Gale Wings

The Hidden Ability Gale Wings increases the priority of Flying-Type Moves when the user has maximum HP. In the previous generations, the Ability Gale Wings was always activated regardless if the Pokémon having the Ability received damage or not. Therefore it used Brave Bird to sweep away the enemy, and Roost to recover the damage it took making Taloflame a very durable Pokemon.

With the advent of Generation 7, this means that these two moves in tandem: Brave Bird which has recoil damage, and Roost which replenishes the HP lost are no longer as effective as before. However, one good workaround is to use Tailwind at the start of the battle. In spite of the nerf of its Ability Gale Wings, it could still pose as a threat if Talonflame is played correctly.


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