How to Get a Metagross [Pokémon Sun and Moon]

Detailed Information regarding Metagross’ Location and the strategy to encounter it in Pokémon Sun and Moon.



How to Get a Beldum

Beldum spawns at the Grass Patches of Mount Hokulani in Ula’ula Island. Since its stage two evolution is a durable and powerful Pokémon, it is recommended to catch Beldum.

How to Get a Metang

Beldum will evolve into Metang at Level 20.

How to Get a Metagross

Metang will evolve into Metagross at Level 45.

Strong Point

This Pokemon sports a generous Base Stat distribution, where it specializes in Attack and Defense. This means that it can be a viable choice if the team is lacking in Offensive Pressure. In terms of movepool, it can learn a plethora of strong Moves,  which can make the Main Story Battles easier. Its signature steel-type move, Meteor Mash can check several Fairy-Types.

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Thanks, I thought you had to evolve by trading…

how do you catch a beldum under level 20? the lowest i’ve seen is 27