How to Get a Salamence [Pokémon Sun and Moon]

This article shows the In-Game location of Bagon, the basic form of Salamence for Pokémon Sun and Moon.



Salamence’s (Bagon’s) Location

If you encounter a Bagon at Route 3, it might summon a Salamence as help.
You are recommended to use a ball with a high capture rate if you encounter this Pokémon from the grass patches.
Or you can capture a Bagon and evolve it into Salamence.
Bagon evolves to Shelgon at Lv 30, and Shelgon will evolve into Salamece at Lv50.
You should catch this Pokémon from the Grass Patches of Alola since it is faster to obtain it this way.

▶ Bagon’s Location

  • Route 3: Patches of Grass near the tree with Berries

  • Kala’e Bay: Patches of Grass under the cliff

Bagon’s spawn rate at Kala’e Bay is higher than that of Route 3.
To get to Karlie Bay you must follow this path:
A small hole located southwest of Melemele Meadow → Seaward Cave → Kala’e Bay
In order to reach the patches of grass at Kala’e Bay, you need the Poké Ride Lapras. Search for Bagon from in the grass patches near the Berry Tree if you want to obtain it during the early stages of the game.

Advantages in using Salamence

Salamence possesses a high Base Stat Total, which is complemented by a great Base Stat Distribution that specializes in Attack. This makes Salamence a powerful attacker.
If in case you have caught Salamence at a low-level, it is recommended to teach it Technical Machines (TM) because, unlike its pre-evolution Bagon, it can only learn these moves at a later level.

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