How to Obtain the Oval Charm [Pokémon Sun and Moon]

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Detailed Information explaining the Use and Location of the Item Oval Charm in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Oval Charm

The Oval Charm is a Key Item that increases the odds of obtaining an Egg from the Pokemon Day Care when two Pokemon that belong to the same Egg group but of different Genders are deposited.

Because it is an Key Item, there is no need for a Pokemon to hold the item to activate this item.

Therefore, this Key Item is highly valuable as it speeds up the process of obtaining Eggs when Breeding Pokemon for the purpose of Mass Hatching to check for IV determination.

How to Get an Oval Charm


In the previous generations, the Oval Charm can only be obtained after Successfully Completing the Pokédex. This feature has been made easier for Pokemon Sun and Moon. You only need to defeat a specific NPC once you finish the Game.

This Item can be found inside the building at the east side of Akala Island’s Pokemon Center. Once you have finished the Main Story, proceed to the back of the second floor of the building and engage in a battle against the Male Trainer. If you managed to defeat him, you will obtain the Oval Charm.

The Trainer is actually Mr. Morimoto, a member of Game Freak. He was in charge of directing Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Trainer Encountered

Pokémon Trainer Morimoto

Pokémon Type Move
KangaskhanLv.61 Normal
VaporeonLv.61 Water
JolteonLv.61 Electric
FlareonLv.61 Fire
MachampLv.61 Fighting
DragoniteLv.61 Dragon/Flying

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