Important Facilities, NPCs and their functions in the Game [Pokémon Sun and Moon]

A general overview of important NPCs and Facilities for easy reference

Detailed information regarding the location and functions of various facilities and NPCs for Pokémon Sun and Moon are displayed in this section.
Pokémon breeding, form change, evolution, fossil restoration, Pokémon battle, Move, item, berry, department store, ribbon, etc. are described.

Pokémon related facilities (person)

● Facilities (NPC) useful for raising and training Pokémon

Facility (NPC) Details Location
Stats Judge
(Individual value discrimination)
The message will change depending on the Pokémon’s individual values. An example would be, if the Pokémon’s individual value is 31, the judge will say “can’t be beat!”
Name Rater The name rater lets you change your Pokémon’s nickname. It is important to remember that you cannot change the nickname of Pokémon obtained from other trainers. Heahea City on Akala Island
Pokémon Nursery When you deposit a Pokémon in the day care, it can earn Exp based on the number of steps you make after the deposit. The maximum number of Pokémon that can be deposited in the day care is 2. When 2 Pokémon who belong to the same egg group and are of opposite genders are stored, it can produce an egg.
Friendship Rater The message will depend on the lead Pokémon’s happiness.
Pokémon Groomer The Pokémon Groomer can increase the friendship of one lead Pokémon once a day.

● Facilities that change the Pokémon’s form (NPC)

Facility (NPC) Details Location
Prison Bottle When you talk to the guy he will give you the item Prison Bottle (Item needed to change forms). If you change Hoopa’s form, it will last for 3 days. It is possible to change the form again after it wears off.
Reveal Glass If you have Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus in your party, you will receive the item Reveal Glass (Item needed to change forms).
Genesect Drive If Genesect is in your party, you will receive the DouseShockChillBurn Drives.
Gracidea If Shaymin is in your party, you will receive the item Gracidea.
Deoxys Form Change If Deoxys is in your party, you will be able to alter its form for each time you examine a meteorite AttackDefenseSpeedNormal.
Furfrou Haircut You can trim Furfrou’s hair to different styles.
Cosplay Pikachu You can change the costume of Cosplay Pikachu.

Changing costumes can only be done with Pikachu. If you swap costumes, your Cosplay Pikachu will forget the special move that is associated with its previous costume and it will learn a new one.

Form Change
You will be able to change Rotom’s form.
When Rotom changes form, its second type will also change.
Return to the beginning→Rotom(Electric・Ghost)If you choose to revert Rotom’s form, it will forget the special move learned.
Microwave OvenーHeat Rotom(Fire)
Washing Machine→Wash Rotom(Water)
Refrigerator→Frost Rotom(Frozen)
Electric Fan→Fan Rotom(Flying)
Lawnmower→Mow Rotom(Grass)

● Fossil Restoration and Evolution of Specific Pokémon

Facility (NPC) Details Location
Eevee→Leafeon It will evolve into Leafeon when it levels up in a forest with a moss rock.
Eevee→Glaceon It will evolve into Glaceon when it levels up in a cave with an ice rock.
Fossil Restoration Your fossil will be restored as a Pokémon.
Sliggoo→Goodra It will evolve into Goodra when it levels up beyond Level 50.

● Battle related

Facility (NPC) Details Location
Secret Base Expert Battle You can battle Secret Base Expert once a day.
Battle Food Court You can challenge each of the three counters once a day.
The number of rewards will depend on the number of trainers defeated within the designated number of turns.
Inverse Battle You can participate in Inverse battles once a day. For this format, type Compatibility is reversed. You receive items according to the number of times you deal a super-effective damage.
Battle Institute You will receive the Vs. Recorder when you arrive.

Once you have finished the main story, Battle test can be accessed.

Battle Maison Challenge the Battle Chatelaines to receive different items and points.
Secret Base Battle You can challenge your friends inside their Secret Bases once you have registered them to your game. If you are in their secret base, you can battle them once a day; but if you are in your secret base you can battle them once, 10 times, 50 times, or even 100 times. If you succeed, you can earn PGL medals.
Rotation Battle You can obtain an Elixir once a day if you win in a Rotation Battle.
Pokémon Recovery When you take a day off at home for the first time you get medals.
After recovery, it is said that you can take a rest again, but you will be stuck there forever until you say no.
Those who have an apron.
Check the bed on the first floor.
A woman with Skitty (Joey).
Check any bed.
If you have placed the magazine goods ‘nice bed’, you can recover by investigating.

● Move related

Facility (NPC) Details Location
Move Reminder If you bring a heart scale, the Move Reminder can teach your pokemon moves that it has forgotten. Rana Kira Mountain Pokémon Center
Move Deleter The Move Deleter can make your pokemon forget moves.
Move Tutor (Starter’s Pledge Move) You can teach one of the following moves to your starter Pokémon: Grass Pledge, Fire Pledge, or Water Pledge.
Move Tutor(Starter’s Ultimate Move) If you already maxed the happiness of the final evolution of your starter, it can be taught one of the following moves to your starter pokemon: Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn, or Hydro Cannon.
Move Tutor (Draco Meteor) If you already maxed the happiness of the final evolution of your Dragon-type Pokémon, it can be taught the move Draco Meteor.

※ Pokémon that gain a Dragon-typing due to Mega Evolution cannot learn Draco Meteor.

Move Tutor (Dragon Ascent) The Move Tutor can teach your Rayquaza the move Dragon Ascent. Once it has learned this move it can Mega Evolve during battle.
Move Tutor (Secret Sword) The Move Tutor can teach your Keldeo the move Secret Sword.

Once it has learned this move it can transform to its Resolute Form.

Move Tutor (Relic Song) The Move Tutor can teach your Meloetta the move Relic Song.
Move Tutor (BP exchange) You can exchange Battle Points for Move Tutoring services.
Hidden Power Type Checker If your Pokémon knows the move Hidden Power, the Hidden Power Type Checker will tell you which type the hidden power is.

Item related facility (NPC)

● Item related

Name Details Location
Honey You can obtain it from the Bug Maniac once a day.
Big Mushroom You can obtain it once a day from the Whismur Show if you can guess the correct Whismur that is holding the item.
ID lottery Once a day, you can participate in the Lottery Corner where the attendant will check all of your Pokemon including those in your PC to see if it matches the ID of the day. If there is a match, you will obtain one of the several useful items such as Masterball, Rare Candy, PP Max, Moomoo Milk, etc.
Evolution Stone If you find shards, you can exchange them for evolution stones.
Below is a list of each stone that will be exchanged for the corresponding color
Red Shard→Fire Stone
Yellow Shard→Thunder Stone
Blue Shard→Water Stone
Green Shard→Leaf Stone”
Diploma You can obtain 3 different types of certificates from the Game Director upon accomplishing certain conditions.
Weather Rock If you talk to the lady everyday you can obtain these items for each day: Ice Rock, Smooth Rock, Heat Rock, Damp Rock. If you have obtained all of the Weather Rocks, you can obtain them again in the same order starting from Ice Rock.
Contest Scarves Talk to the Pokémon Fan Club Chairman and show him a Pokemon with a high contest condition. You can obtain one scarf: Red, Blue, Pink, Green, or Yellow depending on the maxed contest condition shown. Once you obtain all the scarves, you cannot obtain another set.
Max Elixir If you show a Barboach or a Shroomish that has attained 4 Pokémon Refresh hearts to the corresponding brother who is looking for one, you can obtain a Max Elixir from each. You cannot obtain a Max Elixir when there is an abnormal weather.
Poké Miles Exchange You can exchange Poké Miles for various items.

● Berry related

Berry Name (NPC) Details Location
You can obtain one of each from four girls once per day.
Razz You can obtain it from the girl once per day.
You can obtain it from the man once per day.
You can obtain it from the expert twice per day.
You can obtain a berry by sharing a good saying to the Berry Master’s Wife once per day.
You can obtain a berry after sharing a good saying to the Berry Master’s Wife once per day.

※ If all the special berries are obtained, you cannot obtain anymore.

If your ID number ends in one of the following you can obtain the corresponding berry: 0, 5 =Figy; 1,6 = Wiki; 2,7 = Mago; 3,8 = Aguav; 4,9 = Iapapa
Cheri~Sitrus You can obtain one of the following berries from the gentleman once per day. You cannot obtain it during an abnormal weather.
You can obtain one of the following berries from Kiri once per day.

You cannot obtain it during an abnormal weather.

You can receive it from the woman once per day.

● Department Store related

Facility (NPC) Details Location
Vending Machine You can buy Water(200 pokédollars), Soda Pop(300 pokédollars), Lemonade(350 pokédollars). It is possible to obtain an extra drink.
Incense You can buy different types of incense (9600pokédollar)
Vitamins You can buy Vitamins (EV-enhancing items) for (9800 pokédollars) each. You can purchase them at half-price every Monday.
Glass Workshop
Lava Cookie You can buy them for (200 pokédollars) each.
Moomoo Milk You can buy Moomoo Milk at (500 pokédollars) each. You can choose to either buy one or a dozen.
Pokémon Herbs You can buy various bitter herbal medicines.
Obtained Decorations You can buy different kinds of Secret Base decorations. If your Secret Base Ranking goes up, the number of decoration items being sold will increase.
Bargain Shop You can buy some items at discounted prices every Saturday.
Casteliacone You can buy a Casteliacone from the girl for (200 pokédollars) if when there is a Regice in your party. (Once a day)
Stone Seller You can buy the Mega Stone of the final evolutions of the Starter Pokémon that you did not select at 1500 pokédollars each.
Withered Tree Inscription  = Sceptilite
Fading Fire Inscription = Blazikenite
Ebb Tide Inscription = Swampertite
All other inscriptions Loneliness (45000 pokédollar) / Emotionless (80000 pokédollar) / Tears (150000 pokédollar) are all Hard Stone

● Ribbon related

Facility (NPC) Details Location
Training Ribbon
Effort Ribbon
Gorgeous Ribbon 10000 pokédollars
Royal Ribbon 100000 pokédollars
Gorgeous Royal Ribbon 999999 pokédollars
Best Friends Ribbon
Day of the Week Ribbon You can receive more than once per day in this series. When obtained, all the Pokémon in your party will obtain it.
Footprint Ribbon Given to a Pokémon whose current level is 30 higher than the level it was caught or received at.

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