Items Obtained by Breaking Boulders [Pokemon Sun and Moon]

Break through rocks in an island using your Poke Ride and receive a price

Obtaining items using Poke Ride



Whenever you destroy a boulder when riding Tauros and Sharpedo as Poke Rides, an item might drop.

The items you can obtain differ for each island.

Items available for each island

Melemele Island:Stardust
Akala Island: Stardust
Ula’ula Island:Stardust, Star Piece
Poni Island:Stardust, Star Piece, Comet Shard

When will Tauros and Sharpedo be available?

You will be able to able to destroy boulders with Tauros Charge after obtaining a pager for Tauros, and with Sharpedo Jet after obtaining a pager for Sharpedo

Obtain Tauros in Melemele Island.

You’ll receive a Tauros Poke Ride from Hala after you finish his trial.

Obtain Sharpedo in Ula’ula Island.

You’ll receive a Sharpedo Poke Ride after you finish Acerola’s trial in Tapu Village.

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