Items obtained through Poke Ride Stoutland’s Search ability [Pokemon Sun and Moon]

About Stoutland’s Search Ability



You will receive a Stoutland Poke Ride at Paniola Ranch in Route 5 which is located in Akala Island.

Once you’ve chosen Stoutland in the Ride Pager, press B to use its Search ability.

Finding hidden items is difficult in the game, so you can read the table below for tips on where to find them.

Locations for Hidden Items

Melemele Island

Item Location Where to Find
Pearl Route 1 Coast near the Research Center
Poké Ball Trainer’s School To the right of the entrance
Great Ball Trainer’s School Inside the circle located on the left side of the playground
Pearl Hau’oli City The bottom of a palm tree at the front of the beach
Fresh Water Hau’oli City Behind the palm tree at the beach
Stardust Hau’oli City In the grass near the Malasada Shop
Repel Route 2 The light at the lower left of the parking lot
Stardust Route 2 Between the tall grass near the Berry Fields
Great Ball Hau’Oli Cemetery Under the light near the entrance
Ether Hau’Oli Cemetery At the center of the graveyard
Repel Berry Fields The pot to the right of the field
Paralyze Heal Berry Fields Near the equipment of the field
Revive Verdant Cavern Rock near the 2nd burrow
Energy Root Verdant Cavern At the Totem Chamber
Stardust Route 3 On the slope where there are many shadows of Pokemon
Honey Melemele Meadow Near the small rock to the left of the entrance
Honey Melemele Meadow In the tall grass to the bottom left
Honey Melemele Meadow To the left of a big rock located in the center of the map
Star Piece Shopping District Near the pit located below
Stardust Shopping District Near where the Potion is located
Ether Ten Carat Hill In the cave near the rock which can be moved with a Machamp
Star Piece Ten Carat Hill In a bush outside in the upper left corner

Akala Island

item Location Where to Find
Tiny Mushroom Route 4 At the end of the route behind the sign
Dire Hit Route 4 Near the Tourist
Big Mushroom Route 4 Near the Berry Tree to the right
Fresh Water Paniola Town Near the pond to the left
Revive Paniola Town Near the cart in the grass to the left
Repel Paniola Ranch Near the Milktank and the Tauros
Fresh Water Paniola Ranch Near the two Tauros
Moomoo Milk Paniola Ranch Near the feeding ground located north
Soda Pop Paniola Ranch At the bottom of the map, behind the signboard
Super Repel Paniola Ranch Head down from the breeder and search near the wooden box
Oval Stone Paniola Ranch At the bottom of the map, near the wooden box
Big Mushroom Paniola Ranch In the grass to the lower right corner
Star Piece Route 5 Near the rock to the right

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This was not useful i don’t care where to find the items I want to know how to grab them!

You missed the other 2 islands and most of Akala Island completely. But it did still help me up to Route 5.

You missed all Arceus life plates.

are these all? if not can you finish it, it would be very helpful

When making a guide, maybe actually describe where the items are located. “Near the pit located below” isn’t helpful at all.