Obtainable items using the Pickup ability [Pokemon Sun and Moon]

the items you'll get when your Pokemon uses the Pickup ability

About the Ability Pickup

After winning a battle, any Pokemon on the team that has the ability Pickup has a 10% chance of obtaining a held item for itself. There’s a low chance of obtaining a rare item, however, the rarity of the item that your Pokémon may get depends on how high its level is.

Don’t forget to check the Pokemon with this ability because it will no longer obtain an item if it already has one.

Pokémon with the Pickup ability

Pokémon Location
Meowth (Alola) Melemele Island: Route 2, Trainers’ School
Ula’ula Island: Malie Garden
Pikipek Melemele Island: Route 1
Akala Island: Route 4, Route 5
※ Pickup is its hidden ability
Munchlax Melemele Island: Route 1
(Area accessible by destroying a rock with Tauros Poke Ride.)
Lillipup Akala Island: Paniola Ranch, Route 4, Route 5

Obtainable items

Type Item
Consumables ・Potion
・Super Potion
・Hyper Potion
・Max Elixir
・Escape Rope
・Full Heal
・Full Restore
・Max Revive
・PP Up
・Rare Candy
Poké Balls ・Great Ball
・Ultra Ball
Evolution Items ・Moon Stone
・Sun Stone
・Prism Scale
Held Items ・Destiny Knot
Valuable Items ・Pearl String
・Balm Mushroom
・Big Nugget
Move Reminder ・Heart Scale

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Thanks, now I just need to catch 5 lillipups that don’t have vital spirit.