The new Battle Team and QR Rental Team features!

Rent and use other battle teams using QR Rental Team!

What is a “battle team”?

A feature that will be introduced in Pokémon Sun & Moon, a Battle Team is a group of one to six Pokémon that a player can keep in a special storage that will be used in online battles or official competitions.

This storage system is similar to the Battle Box which was first used in Pokémon Black & White, however, instead of just having one storage box, the new system now feature six storage boxes!

In addition, once the Pokémon Global Link resumes its operations on November 18, a new feature called QR Rental Teams will be available for players to use in the website. This feature will allow other players to use your Battle Team by scanning a unique QR code.



Each team registered on the PGL will have QR codes so that players around the world can share or exchange teams online. The interesting part of this feature is that you can use the teams that you’ve rented in Link battles and certain Ranking Battles.

The new features will surely add more fun and excitement in online battles for Pokémon Sun & Moon!


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