Complete List of Locations for Zygarde Cells [Pokemon Sun and Moon]

Zygarde Cube and Zygarde Cell



You’ll obtain the Zygarde Cube as a gift from Sina in Heahea City. Once you obtain a Zygarde Cube, you will be able to collect Zygarde Cells and Zygarde Cores, which are the parts needed to synthesize Zygarde, a legendary Pokemon introduced in Pokemon X and Y.

There are 100 Zygarde Cells scattered around the region, and when you collect all of them, Zygarde will learn a very powerful exclusive move.

Zygarde Cell Locations List

Melemele Island

No. Location
1 Route 1: Near the rocks blocking the path
2 Route 1: Near the first patch of grass
3 Lily Town: At the entrance of the Trial
4 Hau’oli City (Day): Outside Professor’s Lab
5 Trainers’ School (Night): First floor, next to the Meowth
6 Hau’oli City (Day): lima’s House
7 Hau’oli City (Night): Next to the entrance of the 2nd Pokemon Center
8 Route 2: Near the houses
9 Hau’oli Cemetery: Head up as soon as you enter
10 Verdant Cavern
11 Route 3: Near the Berry Tree
12 Route 3: Outside Melemele Meadow
13 Kala’e Bay: Use Lapras to find the Zygarde Cell
14 Across the bridge outside the Ruins of Conflict

Akala Island

No. Location
15 Heahea City: At the top of Tide Song Hotel
16 Heahea City (Night): Outside the Dimensional Research Lab
17 Route 4: Along the wall near the 1st trainer
18 Paniola Ranch: Near the Pokemon Breeder
19 Paniola Ranch (Night): At the lower left corner of the entrance near the tall grass
20 Route 5: At the top right corner of the Pokemon Center (near Route 8)
21 Royal Avenue: At the Parking Lot
22 Royal Avenue (Night): To the right of the Pokemon Center
23 Route 7: Near the shore, to the lower right of a big rock
24 Vera Volcano Park: in the middle of the stairs going to the top
25 Route 8: Outside the Aether Foundation building
26 Route 8: To the south of the Pokemon Center near the rock
27 Lush Jungle: At the entrance (use the Machamp Poke Ride)
28 Diglett’s Tunnel: up the stairs and to the right near a rock
29 KoniKoni City (Night): Near the lighthouse
30 Akala Shore: near the Black Belt
31 Hano Grand Resort: Under a parasol near Stoutland
32 Hano Grand Resort (Day): To the right of the watch tower

Ula’ula Island

No. Location
33 Malie City:The building to the lower right of the garden
34 Malie City (Night): To the right of the Malie center
35 Malie Garden: deep in the grass located northwest
36 Malie City Outskirts (Day): Under the truck in the parking lot
37 Route 10 (Day):Between the bulletin board and the tree
38 Observatory (Night): After you enter the first door
39 Route 11 (Night): At the grass located lower left of where the Black Belt is standing
40 Route 12: Below rocks after the first steep path
41 Route 12: To the lower right of the Punk Couple
42 Ula’ula Bank (Day): Bottom of the lower left cliff
43 Ula’ula Bank: Near the cliff
44 Blush Mountain:At the lower right of the power plant
45 Route 13: Next to the container truck under the spring
46 Route 13 (Night): At the lower left of the hotel
47 Tapu Village: Fence in front of the Pokemon Center
48 Route 14: To the right of the shore
49 Route 14: Along the wall near the Fisherman
50 Route 15 (Day): The left room in the Aether House
51 Route 15:  To the lower right of the beach located to the left of the Aether House
52 Haina Desert: In the grass on the middle of area 4
53 Haina Desert: To the right of the entrance of the ruins
54 Route 16 (Day): To the side of the Pokemon Center
55 Ula Ula Meadow: At the bulge of the first passage
56 Ula Ula Meadow: In the middle of the road leading to the lake
57 Route 17: On the split path, walk along the right side when going down the steps
58 Route 17: To the side of the Team Skull base
59 Po Town (Day): The side of the yellow car at the top right
60 Po Town (Night): The side of the red car at the top left
61 Lanakila Mountain: At the rock that you will reach by going up the first elevator and through the glass.
62 Lanakila Mountain:Near the rock to the left of the Pokemon Center

Aether Paradise

No. Location
63 B2F Lab Area: In front of the innermost door
64 Outside: To the end of the building in the right
65 Outside: To the lower left of Lusamine’s house
66 Outside (Night): Near where 2 people is standing in the left bottom
67 Lusamine’s House: On the desk to the right near the entrance

Poni Island

No. Location
68 Seafolk Village: Scaffolding on the opposite side of the Pokemon Center
69 Seafolk Village: Bottom of the table in the restaurant
70 Poni Wilds:On the rock in the middle of the beach
71 Poni Wilds (Day):On the steps with two rocks along the shore
72 Poni Wilds (Day): At the bulletin board where there’s a berry tree
73 Poni Ruins (Day): Near the well at Hapu’s house
74 Poni Ruins (Day): At the other side of the fence of Hapu’s yard.
75 Poni Ruins (Night): In front of the Great Canyon entrance to the right
76 Poni Breaker Coast (Day): In the neighborhood
77 Poni Breaker Coast (Night): Near the entrance of the Ancient Poni Path
78 Ancient Poni Path:Next to the grass near the entrance of the Ancient Poni Path
79 Great Canyon of Poni Island:Near a small rock that leads to the cave
80 Great Canyon of Poni Island:Near the nest when you enter the cave
81 Great Canyon of Poni Island:To the left of the Dusk Ball. Use Machamp to move the rocks
82 Great Canyon of Poni Island: Near the rock when going through the shortcut at the deepest part of the cave
83 Poni Grove:Bottom of the cliff to the north
84 Poni Grove:The pit right in Poni Gauntlet
85 Poni Gauntlet: Under a tree in the center
86 Poni Gauntlet (Day): At the very bottom of the steps in the upper left corner
87 Poni Gauntlet (Night):In the tall grass below the steps on the top right corner
88 Poni Meadow: In the middle of the 3 steps
89 Poni Cave:To the lower right side before entering the deepest part of the cave
90 Poni Cave (Night): The deepest part of the cave
91 Poni Cave (Day): On the middle part of the steps leading to the deepest part of the cave
92 Poni Island Shore: East of the shore (between a rock and Max Repel)
93 Poni Island Shore: In the narrow path leading to the ruins
94 Poni Old Road: To the north after crossing the first pier
95 Poni Old Road: On the last pier which heads west

Zygarde Core Locations

No. Location
96 Melemele Island:In your bedroom
97 Melemele Island:Kahuna Hala’s house, in the porch located on the right
98 Akala Island:Olivia’s shop. 2nd floor top left corner.
99 Ula’ula Island:On Route 17, inside the police station where Meowth is
100 Poni Island:On the bed in the right room of Hapu’s house

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