Poni Island Walkthrough [Pokemon Sun and Moon]


This walkthrough will guide players on the main adventure on Poni Island. This includes info on Pokemon, Items, Trials and the Island Kahuna of Poni Island.

Fisherman’s Village

Items Found Location
Lucky Punch  A group on a silver ship
Zygarde Cell Scaffolding on the opposite side of the Pokemon Center
X Sp. Atk Passage extending to the lower left
A short cutscene showing an overview of Poni Island will ensue.
To uncover the mystery, Gladion advises you to speak with the locals.
The chief of Seafolk will call your attention.

1.Once the ship arrives in Poni Island, head towards the big tree.

Examine one of the ends of Seafolk Village to find another Zygarde Cell.

2.You will need to find Hapu on the island. But first, you have to go through the Poni Wilds.

Poni Wilds

Pokemon Encounters

Name Level
Gumshoos 43
Pelipper 43
Granbull 43
Gastrodon 43
Exeggcute 40
Raticate(Alola) 40


Items Found Location
Max Repel By the sandy beach
Zygarde Cell By the sandy beach
Rare Candy Between rocks near a tree northwest of the area
Dusk Stone Near the water of the fishing area
Pearl String Upper left of the water
Max Potion Under the cliff at the top right of the area
Check one of the rocks at the sandy beach to obtain a Zygarde Cell.

Trainer Encounters

Name Pokémon Reward
Dancer Oricorio(Sensu Style)Lv.43 1170pokédollar
Ace Trainer Skarmory Lv.44
Sharpedo Lv.45
Ace Trainer Garbodor Lv.44
Toxapex Lv.45
Cook Parasect Lv.43
Ribombee Lv.43

1. After entering Poni Wilds, proceed east.

Poni Island Path

Pokemon Encounters

Pokémon Level
Gumshoos 43
Pelipper 43
Granbull 43
Gastrodon 43
Exeggcute 40
Raticate(Alola) 40


Items Found Location
Zygarde Core By the bed in Hapu’s house
Zygarde Cell Near the well at Hapu’s house
Zygarde Cell On the other side of the fence in Hapu’s field
Shiny Stone Near a tree at the left before the entrance to Poni Canyon
Technical Machine(TM)79 By the side of uneven grass from the hidden point of Poni Island
Interact with the Miltank to have you party healed!

If you follow Tapu’s Old Gran, you can have your party healed by talking to her Miltank. Check the other doors leading outside to find a Zygarde Cell.

Exit one of the doors of Hapu’s house to find a Zygarde Cell near a well.
Look for an entrance past the grass patches to find TM79 Frost Breath.

Trainer Encounters

Name Pokémon Reward
Collector Turtonator Lv.43
Drampa Lv.43
  1. Proceed to the Poni Island Path and talk to Hapu in front of the big house. You will receive the Machamp Ride Pager from Hapu’s old gran.
Hapu’s old gran appears!
Hapu’s Old Gran gives you a clue of the terrain that you’ll encounter to get to your next destination.
Lillie says the Ruins of Hope is where the Guardian Diety Tapu Fini resides.

2.Ride the Machamp and follow Hapu to the ruins at the Poni Breaker Coast.

Poni Breaker Coast

1.Go east and enter the ruins to begin the trial.

The ruins is enveloped by deep purple colored rocks.
Lillie imparts some information about the Guardian Diety’s power


Items Found Location
Zygarde Cell Near a geyser.
Check near the geyser for a Zygarde Cell.

Trainer Encounters

Name Pokémon Reward
Tourist Sandshrew Lv.43
Geodude Lv.43
Graveler Lv.43
Vulpix Lv.43

Poni Ruins


Items Found Location
Zygarde Cell Before the entrance to the ruins
  1. Talk to Lillie at the entrance to the ruins
It’s no use, Lillie cannot push the block by herself!
Lillie gives you instructions on how to use the Machamp Ride pager!
  1. Using the Machamp Poké Ride, drop a rock into the hole. Proceed to the newly opened path and solve a puzzle.

Puzzle Strategy:

  • Move the left block up three times
  • Move the block in the middle to the right once
  • Drop the same block in the hole located 2 squares up
  1. A ceremony will take place when you reach the ruins. Hapu will become an Island Kahuna. Listen to information about the Exeggutor Island which is where you will proceed to next.
Watch a cutscene of the ceremony with Hapu.
After the ceremony, Hapu notices your presence and begins to inquire.
  1. Head to Exeggutor Island by taking the S.S. Magikarp ship from the Poni Meadows.
Board the S.S. Magikarp and set sail to Exeggutor Island!

Exeggutor Island

Welcome to Exeggutor Island!

Pokemon Encounters

Name Level
Pelipper 42-43
Gastrodon 43
Exeggcute 40-42
Exeggutor 40


Items Found Location
Prism Scale At the island’s shore to the north
  1. When you arrive at the island, you will be attacked by Exeggutor. This is the only island where you can encounter Alolan Exeggutor so be sure catch one.
As you progress, rain will fall.
Not for long, clear skies will appear once again!
  1. Proceed to the end of the island and listen to Lillie. There will be a pedestal at the back of the island. Examine it to get a Sun Flute (if you are playing Pokemon Sun) or a Moon Flute (if you are playing Pokemon Moon).
Examine the pedestal to obtain a Moon/ Sun Flute!
  1. Return to the S.S. Magikarp and sail back to Poni Island.

Head to Poni Island Great Canyon to the north of Poni Island.

The chief tells you the direction to get to Vast Poni Canyon.

Vast Poni Canyon

Prepare for a battle against Team Skull!
  1. When you reach the Vast Poni Canyon, there will be many Team Skull Grunts blocking the entrance. Defeat two Grunts. Plumeria will appear and give you the Poisonium Z Crystal. Talk to Lillie to heal your Pokemon.
Team Skull Admin Plumeria sees your enthusiasm and rewards you with the Poisonium Z.

Trainer Encounters

Name Pokémon Reward
Team Skull
Fomantis Lv.44 1408pokédollar
Team Skull
Salandit Lv.44
Haunter Lv.44
Mareanie Lv.44
Golbat Lv.44
  1. Proceed to Vast Poni Canyon to begin the Grand Trial by talking to Hapu.
Lillie informs you that the Vast Poni Canyon is near.

Island Kahuna Hapu

Challenge Ground type specialist Island Kahuna Hapu!
Name Reward
Hapu 7680pokédollar

[Battle Tip]

Using Flying-type Pokemon or those that have Levitate will make this battle easier. Though keep in mind that Flygon and Gastrodon can still hit your Pokemon with Dragon Breath and Muddy Water respectively. Having a Gyarados with Aqua Tail would also be effective against Hapu’s Pokemon. You can also use Dragon Dance at the start of the battle against the Alolan Dugtrio.

Hapu’s Pokemon

Pokémon Type Move
Dugtrio(Alola)Lv.47 Ground/Steel Sandstorm
Sucker Punch
Iron Head
Flygon Lv.47 Ground/Dragon Dragon Breath
Gastrodon Lv.47 Water/Ground Muddy Water
Mudsdale Lv.48 Ground Double Kick
  1. The Grand Trial will be completed after you have defeated Hapu. You will then obtain the Ground Z-Crystal.
Congratulations on beating Island Kahuna Hapu’s Grand Trial.
Once you have beaten Island Kahuna Hapu, you will obtain the Groundium Z!
Hapu informs you of your next destination.
  1. Lillie will give you a Max Revive after reaching the end of the Grand Canyon. She will also heal your Pokemon.

Pokemon Encounters

Name Level
Boldore 42-43
Dugtrio(Alola) 41-44
Carbink 43
Golbat 43
Skarmory 43
Golduck 43
Lycanroc Midday Form 42
Jangmo-o 40
Hakamo-o 40


Items Found Location
Elixir A hole where a rock must be smashed
Max Potion Near a broken rock at the top of a hill
Revive Bottom right of the big rock from the cave
Zygarde Cell Near a small rock that leads to the cave
Escape Rope In a small hole in front of the bridge near the Veteran Trainer
Technical Machine(TM)99 Near the Ace Trainer
Zygarde Cell Entrance of the cave after crossing the bridge
Full Restore Moving a block out on the left of the area
Dusk Ball Moving a block out on the lower right of the area
Zygarde Cell Left of the Dusk Ball
Full Heal Left of the Black Belt
Rare Candy In a cave from a passage under a tree.
Technical Machine(TM)35 Further above the rare candy
Zygarde Cell Near the shadow of a rock through a shortcut to the deepest part.
Technical Machine(TM)02 The deepest section of the cave.
Examine the side of the rock which is near the rocky terrain for a Zygarde Cell.

Trainer Encounters

Name Pokémon Reward
Veteran Trainer Torkoal Lv.46
Arcanine Lv.46
Backpacker Whimsicott Lv.44 1056pokédollar
Hiker Archeops Lv.44
Rampardos Lv.44
Veteran Trainer Starmie Lv.46
Shiinotic Lv.46
Talonflame Lv.46
Veteran Trainer Starmie Lv.46
Shiinotic Lv.46
Talonflame Lv.46
Ace Trainer Lilligant Lv.46
Weavile Lv.46
Scientist Muk(Alola)Lv.43
Magnezone Lv.44
Punk Girl Persian(Alola)Lv.44
Honchkrow Lv.44
Punk Guy Pangoro Lv.44 1408pokédollar
Black Belt Poliwrath Lv.46 1408pokédollar
Ace Trainer Lapras Lv.47 3196pokédollar
Veteran Trainer Stoutland Lv.47
Tsareena Lv.47
Klefki Lv.47
Veteran Trainer Granbull Lv.47
Gengar Lv.47
Cloyster Lv.47
  1. Enter the Grand Canyon and follow the signposts as you go along.
  2. Lillie will be attacked by three Murkrow but she will not be afraid to cross the bridge. After that, she will heal your Pokemon.
  3. You will need to solve another puzzle before climbing the ladder.
    Puzzle Stategy:
  • Move the block at the top left corner down 2 times
  • Move the block below to the right once
  • Move the block to the right upwards once
Examine the edge of the protruding wall to obtain another Zygarde Cell.
  1. Meet Mina and you will obtain the Fairium Z Crystal.
Head to the bridge and encounter the Fairy-type Trial Captain!
After Mina tells you about her love for art, she will give you the Fairy Z-Crystal!
  1. Go under the tree branch to enter the hidden area. Another road leads to the entrance of the Great Canyon which can be used as a shortcut if you ride a Machamp.

Then go further down the deepest part of the area. You will face three trainers on your way there.
10. After reaching the deepest section of the canyon you will be asked to begin the Trial. Select “Yes”. You will be ambushed by two wild encounters so be prepared.

It seems too quiet but hidden Pokemon will appear as you go deeper into the cave!
Go inside the alcove to obtain TM02 Dragon Claw!

Examine the pedestal to battle the Totem Pokemon.

Examine the pedestal and you will be prompted to take the Z-Crystal. Select No if you want to save first. Be prepared for a battle.

Totem Pokemon Battle

Name Level
Totem Pokémon「Kommo-o」 Lv.45

[Battle Tip]

The Totem Pokemon’s Defense, Sp.Atk and Sp.Def  are increased by one stage. It can also call Hakamo-o for help. Since it will have lower Defense when it uses Clanging Scales, it will be good to use Physical attacks against it. The best strategy would be to attack it with Fairy-type moves since it will be taking 4x damage.

Type Dragon/Fighting
Move Call for Family
Clanging Scales / Protect
Flash Cannon /
  1. After defeating the Totem Pokemon, you will obtain the Dragonium Z Crystal.
  2. Follow Hapu up the stairs to the altar.
As you enter the Lake of the Sunne/ Moone, listen to Island Kahuna Hapu’s historical discussion at the base of the stairway.
  1. Use the Sun or Moon flute with Lillie. Cosmog will then appear and evolve. You will then enter the Ultra Wormhole.
Depending on your version you will be asked to play the Flute to summon the Legendary Pokemon!
There will be a cutscene after you and Lillie attempt to summon the Legendary Pokemon.
Watch the cutscene of the Legendary Pokemon Solgaleo/ Lunala’s appearance! It will summon the Ultra WormHole.
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