Recommended Pokemons to use late in the game [Pokémon Sun and Moon]

Teeming with Dark, Ghost and Psychic types during the final chapter, learn which Pokémon are advantageous against them.

Below are detailed information on recommended Pokémon to be used late in the game of Pokémon Sun and Moon.

The Recommended fully-evolved Pokémon

After you have cleared the Ultra Dimension chapter you will challenge the Pokémon League.

Travel to the mountain to reach the Pokémon League where you will first encounter Hau, Gladion, and Misarene; and moving further, you will finally challenge the Elite Four, and the champion.

The following Pokémon are recommended pokemons to use during the end game chapter.


Magikarp is helpful even during the early stages of the game since it evolves at Level 20.
It not only has the ability Intimidate which will lower enemies Attack by one stage as soon as it enters battle, but it also possesses great special defense and decent defense stats.
In terms of offense, it can learn powerful moves like Crunch, Aqua Tail, and Ice Fang which provide great type coverage.

Since most Pokémon native to the Alola region are slow, you should teach it Dragon Dance.

■ Sylveon

To obtain Sylveon, you need to raise your Eevee not only using Pokémon Refresh but also train it until it learns a Fairy-Move.
Despite being slow, it makes up for it by being one of the few Fairy-type Pokemon that can be obtained in the game.
For the latter part of the game, Dark, Psychic and Ghost-types will become more common, Sylveon’s durability can patch up the weaknesses of its allies.
Given that Eevee can be obtained from an egg early in the game, do not forget to raise it at Pokémon Refresh.

■ Magnezone

Magnezone’s type resistance is fantastic because its type is Electric/Steel. Unlike the Electric/Psychic Raichu (Alola) which specializes in Speed, Magnezone can learn Flash Cannon that can be advantageous against Rock, Ice and Fairy-types that appear in the late stages of the game.

■ Dugtrio (Alola)

You can catch Dugtrio (Alola) relatively early in the game compared to other Ground-types which makes it ideal for raising.
Despite being fragile due to poor defenses, it can use either its ability Tangling Hair or its move Bulldoze to lower its target’s Speed stat making it easier for the following Pokemon to play advantageously..
But Dugtrio can be replaced with another ground type Pokemon because it is the Ground-type moves that is strong.

■ Aerodactyl

Aerodactyl is one of the fastest Pokemon that can be caught in Alola region.
It can learn several Rock-type Moves and Crunch, the latter can provide additional coverage against Psychic and Ghost-types during the late stages of the game.
Aside from having great Speed, it also has a strong base Attack stat which makes it an effective Physical attacker.
You can obtain an Aerodactyl from the Village House in Poni Island.

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