Recommended Pokemons to Use Early on in the Game

Discover which Pokémon are top choices when starting a new game!

This section focuses on some naturally advantageous Pokemon that can be obtained early in Pokémon Sun & Moon.

The Recommended Starter Pokemon from the Big Three is Popplio!


Among the available starter Pokemon, Popplio is a valuable member of the team since at the start of the game there are plenty of opponents that rely on using attack-reducing moves such as Charm and Growl. Popplio ignores these stat-modifying moves given that it acquires Special Attack moves quite early which makes it a great choice for your adventure!

Given Popplio’s strengths over the other two, there are still some advantages on using Litten and Rowlet. Since Bugs and Grass-types are abundant in the early game, these two can make quick work of uneven patches of grass because Litten has access to Ember, while Rowlet can use Peck to deal massive damage!

Recommended Pokemon to catch early in the game



■ Meowth (Alola)

Where to find: Trainers’ School
If Meowth’s ability is Pickup, it will gather several items like HP recovering items and Poké Balls as you progress on your adventure!


■ Magnemite

Where to find: Trainers’ School
Magnemite type resistance is fantastic because its type is Electric/Steel. As a steel-type, it tends to naturally have several resistances. Since this Pokemon is naturally bulky, it is advantageous for players to count on its Defenses.


■ Diglett (Alola)

Where to find: Verdant Cavern
Apart from its decent Ground-Steel typing, its ability Curly Hair is similar to Goodra’s Gooey which can decrease the Speed stat of its opponent when a contact move has been used against it. This can be advantageous in outrunning speedy threats.


■ Gastly

Where to find: Hau ‘Oli Ghost Garden
With access to Hypnosis, Gastly can not only make it convenient in incapacitating opponents and wild Pokémon, but also eases capturing the latter.


■ Abra

Where to find: Route 2
In the case when the Pokémon centers are too far during the adventure, Abra helps the player to return easily when the overall party’s HP is running low using Teleport. It becomes even more powerful as it evolves to Kadabra since its Sp. Atk and Speed are both high.


■ Growlithe

Where to find: Route 3
A Growlithe with the ability Intimidate will lower enemies Attack by one stage as soon as it enters battle.
Apart from this, if Litten was not chosen during the start of the adventure, it is able to fulfill the role of an effective Fire-Type.


■ Magikarp

Where to find: Murmur Hill (Fishing)
Although difficult to raise, it will evolve into fearsome Gyarados at Lv 20.
With great typing, base stats and useful ability Intimidate starting teams will benefit immensely from it as a teammate.
It will learn Water, Ice and Dark type moves which provide great coverage against several opponents.
With Dragon Dance in its arsenal, it is highly regarded even until the late stages of the game.


■ Eevee

Where to find: Pokémon Breeder, Route 4, Route 6
When Eevee’s happiness is high enough, it can evolve to Espeon during the day in-game. As a stage 1 Pokémon, it has overwhelming Speed and Sp.Atk base stats.
Once it evolves into Espeon, it is one of the most promising Psychic-types for use during the course of the story because of its advantageous Base Speed stat.


■ Paras

Where to find: Shade Jungle
Once Paras’ level is high enough, it will learn Spore that puts the target to sleep. This can help you capture wild Pokémon easily.

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