Strategy for Clefable [Pokémon Sun and Moon]


This article contains information for the Fairy Pokémon Clefable in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

The analysis would involve: the distribution of effort values, choice of movesets, recommended held items, and other suggested options. This will also show information on how to deal with Clefable during free battles and rating battles on Wi-Fi.

Basic Information on Clefable


Type 1 Type 2
Ability Hidden Ability
Cute Charm Unaware
Magic Guard
HP Attack Defense Sp.Atk Sp.Def Speed Base Stat Total
95 70 73 95 90 60 483
Type Compatibility
This is super effective
This is super effective
This is not very effective
This is not very effective
No effect Dragon

Using Clefable

Clefable possesses high durability complemented by a high Sp. Attack.

Its durability is boosted further by its great abilities namely Magic Guard and Unaware.

It has a wide movepool which consists of several Non-Damaging support Moves such as Thunder Wave, Minimize, and Stealth Rock.

At the start of battle, the opponent cannot easily distinguish what ability it has. This provides a good opportunity to rely on its buff move Minimize.

Due to its durability, it can be effective in using these two moves in tandem: Minimize to buff its evasion stat, and replenish any damage taken with Moonlight.

A breakdown of the suggested moves for Clefable

Physical Moves Special Moves Non-Damaging Moves
Fling Thunderbolt Aromatherapy
Stored Power Encore
Flamethrower Healing Wish
Thunder Cosmic Power
Focus Blast Gravity
Grass Knot Stealth Rock
Psychic Minimize
Psyshock Moonlight
Shadow Ball Thunder Wave
Fire Blast Amnesia
Blizzard Wish
Moonblast Belly Drum
Hidden Power Light Screen
Ice Beam Calm Mind

Fitting Clefable on your team

■Unaware Set

Ability Unaware
Nature Bold
Effort Values 252 HP / 252 Defense
Held Item Kee Berry/Chesto Berry/Rocky Helmet/Sitrus Berry
Recommended Moves Moonblast or Stored Power/Minimize/Moonlight or Rest
  • This defensive set allows it to evade any attacks once it has sufficiently buffed itself with Minimize.
  • Since it’s weak to Toxic, one of its other moves may be replaced with Substitute.
  • Calm Mind may also be used to increase its firepower when it has already set-up a few turns of Minimize.

■Magic Guard Durable Set

Ability Magic Guard
Nature Bold
Effort Values 252 HP / 252 Defense
Held Item Kee Berry/Chesto Berry/Leftovers
Recommended Moves Moonblast or Stored Power/Minimize/Moonlight or Rest
  • This set is immune to certain moves such as Toxic and Leech Seed.
  • Since opponents may carry One-hit KO moves, it is safer to forego one of its moves for Substitute.

■ Magic Guard Offensive Set

Ability Magic Guard
Nature Modest
Effort Values 252 HP / 252 Sp.Atk
Held Item Life Orb
Recommended Move Moonblast
  •  Another variant of the Magic Guard set which invests on Sp. Attack Effort Values to deal powerful STAB and coverage moves.

Countering Clefable

In order to check Clefable, it is important to determine whether its set has Magic Guard or Unaware.

One of the recommended moves is Taunt if you anticipate that a Non-Damaging Move will be used. Taunt should be used as soon as possible since Minimize can evade Taunt when the timing is already too late.

Since a combination of a Substitute and a buff move is difficult to stop once it has already started, Pokemon that can come in early are advised to use Roar or Whirlwind as these moves go through Substitute and force it to switch – consequently removing all of its stat changes.

Moves that do not rely on accuracy are also recommended in order to bypass the Minimize buffs it has already gained. Some of these moves are Aerial Ace and Stomp.

A recommended Pokemon to use is Mega-Gengar which not only does it have great type advantage over Clefable’s STAB moves but it can also trap it with Perish Song and its ability Shadow Tag.

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