Strategy for Garchomp [Pokémon Sun and Moon]


Today we will be discussing the Mach Pokémon Garchomp for the Pokémon Sun and Moon Versions.

The analysis would involve: the distribution of effort values, choice of movesets, recommended held items, and other suggested options. We will also be tackling on how to deal with Garchomp during free battles and rating battles on Wi-Fi.

Basic Information of Garchomp

Type 1 Type 2
Dragon Ground
Ability Hidden Ability
Sand Veil Rough Skin
HP Attack Defense Sp.Atk Sp.Def Speed Base Stat Total
108 130 95 80 85 102 600
Type Compatibility
This is super effective(×4) Ice
This is super effective(×2) Dragon/Fairy
This is not very effective(×1/2) Fire/Poison/Rock
This is not very effective(×1/4)
No effect Electric

Using Garchomp

Garchomp not only belongs to the Tier 102 Base speed group but also high Attack, Speed, and durability. Despite its frail defense to Ice-Type Moves in which it receives quadruple damage, it can function as a good Dragon-Ground lead due to its attack. Both its abilities are useful which make the choice of ability adapt to different situations depending on the need of the team.

A breakdown of the suggested moves for Garchomp

Physical Moves Special Moves Non-Damaging Moves
Outrage Fire Blast Swords Dance
Dragon Rush Flamethrower Substitute
Dragon Claw Draco Meteor Stealth Rock
Dual Chop
Stone Edge
Rock Slide
Rock Tomb
Iron Tail
Iron Head
Poison Jab
Fire Fang

Fitting Garchomp on your team

■Basic type

Nature Jolly(Recommended)/ Adamant
Effort Values 252 Attack / 252 Speed /or based on required investment
Held Item Focus Sash/Choice Scarf/Choice Band/Lum Berry/Rocky Helmet/Life Orb/Yache Berry/Assault Vest etc.
Recommended Moves Earthquake/Outrage
  • Garchomp can strike many opponents with maximum speed and attack Effort Value (EV) investment.
  • Given an offensive role it has a wide choice of held items to be used depending on how fast, strong or bulky it is desired.

■Stealth Rock Type

Nature Jolly
Effort Values 252 Attack / 252 Speed / or based on required investment
Held Item Focus Sash
Recommended Moves Earthquake/Rock Tomb/Stealth Rock
  • Can function as a lead by using Stealth Rock first.
  • Rock Tomb can be helpful since if it is knocked down, the speed decrease can be used to set-up with the next Pokemon.
  • Since its held item guarantees that it will survive at least 1 turn, it can either choose to attack, or spread Stealth Rock to its target before going down.

■ Rocky Helmet type

  • Garchomp can punish Mega-Kangaskhan with damage from Rough Skin and Rocky Helmet.
  • With its offensive pressure, it can fake a basic type set to bait a Mega-Kangaskhan to switch-in and receive damage in exchange.
  • This set can also bait other Physical attackers to come in. It is better suited to maximize the added damage than to deal damage to the opponent.

Countering Garchomp

With a base Attack stat of 130 and Tier 102 base speed, it might be difficult to knock out.

Apart from its immunity to paralysis, its high Base Speed can be troublesome if your Pokemon cannot outrun it.

The recommended Pokemon to use are those that have Ice-Type and Fairy-Type Moves. Alternatively, Pokemon that can deal powerful damage with a Choice Scarf; or survive a hit with Focus Sash and knock Garchomp out are also suggested.

Priority moves from Ice-Type Pokemon such as: Mamoswine, Cloyster, and Weavile can come out on top when battling Garchomp. The above mentioned Ice-Type Pokemon may equip a Focus Sash to increase the chances of surviving Garchomp’s attacks.

Other options include high durability Pokemon that can survive attacks from Garchomp.

Be wary and adjust depending on the opponent’s party construction.

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iron head is also a good option for a move with countering ice and fairy types like mamoswine and togekiss

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