Summary of In-Game Traded Pokémon [Pokémon Sun and Moon]

You can obtain rare Pokemon from the In-Game Trainers in the Alola Region

Below are detailed information on in-game tradeable Pokémon received from NPCs found in Pokémon Sun and Moon. In-game Traded Pokémon will gain 1.5 times the normal Exp which makes breeding easier.

List of In-Game Trades

Melemele Island

■ Route 2 · The girl inside the Pokémon Center



NPC’s Pokemon Required Pokemon
Machop Spearow

You can catch a Spearow from the grass patches near Route 2’s Pokemon Center.

Akala Island

■ Route 5 · The boy inside the Pokémon Center


NPC’s Pokemon Required Pokemon
Bounsweet Lillipup


You can catch Lillipup from the grass patches in front of Route 5’s Pokemon Center.

Since the NPC’s Bounsweet is a new Pokemon you should trade for it.

■ The girl found at Conico City’s Pokémon Center



NPC’s Pokemon Required Pokemon
Poliwhirl Zubat

You can find Zubat from Diglett’s Tunnel. You can get there by heading to Route 9 from Conico City.

Ula’ula Island

■ Malie City · A girl who is eating at the rolling belly bar



NPC’s Pokemon Required Pokemon
Happiny Pancham

You can capture Pancham at Route 10’s grass patches. You can get there by going to the bottom left of Malie City. However, it is rather uncommon to find it in the grass patches because of its low spawn rate.

■ Tapu Village · The Hiker inside the Pokémon Center



NPC’s Pokemon Required Pokemon
Graveler Haunter

You can catch Haunter at Thrifty Megamart. Head to the exit of Tapu Village and proceed past Route 14 to find it.

Poni Island

■ Sea Village · A woman found near the center of the Village



NPC’s Pokemon Required Pokemon
Steenee Granbull

You can obtain Granbull from the Grass Patches of Poni Island. You can get there by taking the exit at the upper side of Seafolk Village.

■ Seafolk Village · The woman inside the Huntail building



NPC’s Pokemon Required Pokemon

Talk to the woman inside the building to receive the rare Pokemon Aerodactyl.

■ Man wearing black clothes in front of the Battle Tree on Poni Island’s nearest route



NPC’s Pokemon Required Pokemon
Talonflame Bewear

You can obtain Bewear by evolving Stufful. You can catch Stufful at Route 8 and the Akala Island Edge. It is difficult to encounter one since it has a very low spawn rate. The traded Talonflame has the hidden ability Gale Wings.

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