Super Mario Odyssey - Jump Techniques: Strategy Guide

Learn how to perform several jump techniques found in Super Mario Odyssey. These jump techniques are used to reach several high platforms in the game.

Jump Techniques

In Super Mario Odyssey, there are several jump techniques that Mario can perform to jump onto higher platforms. Although the classic 3D Mario jump is still in the game, the height of the jump is not sufficient to reach some platforms in the kingdoms.

Nintendo added two new jump techniques for players to utilize, and these are the Double Jump and the Triple Jump. Here is a guide on how to perform the different jump techniques in the game.

Standard Jump

In order to perform the standard jump, you must first press the B button found on the right Joy-Con while running towards a specific direction. This standard jump features an animation wherein Mario raises his fist while jumping.

Jump Techniques is Super Mario Odyssey

Source: Nintendo

This animation is based on the classic jump that Mario uses in the early Super Mario games.

Double Jump

Mario can perform the Double Jump by pressing the B button again once Mario lands on the ground after doing the standard jump.  He jumps a little bit higher than his classic jump, putting his arms next to his body while raising his chin up, seemingly struggling to reach a higher height than before.

Jump Techniques is Super Mario Odyssey

Source: Nintendo

Make sure that you time your button press right: you will perform the standard jump again if you are too late. The double jump barely differs from the standard jump in terms of height.

Triple Jump

The triple jump reaches the highest compared to the other jump techniques. To perform the Triple Jump, you must press the B button when Mario hits the ground after doing the Double Jump. The jump animation features Mario performing a somersault before landing. Once he lands, he will raise his arms like an acrobat or gymnast.

Jump Techniques is Super Mario Odyssey

Source: Nintendo

You will be able to reach higher places with this jump by running in the direction of the high platform you wish to reach. However, make sure you have enough distance to perform this jump, as you also need to perform the two other jumps first.

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