Super Mario Odyssey - Lake Kingdom Purple Coin Locations: Guide

Know where each purple coin is located in the Lake Kingdom by reading our Lake Kingdom Purple Coin Locations Guide for Super Mario Odyssey.

Lake Kingdom Purple Coin

The Lake Kingdom Purple Coin or Local Coin is shaped like a scale. These purple coins are scattered around Lake Lamode.

To help you find each purple coin in the game, here is a Lake Kingdom Purple Coin Locations guide which includes a map of where to find each Lake Kingdom purple coin as well as some directions on how to get them in the kingdom.

Lake Kingdom Map

Lake Kingdom Purple Coin

Purple Coin Locations

Set 1 (x3)

As you drop off from the Odyssey, walk up to rear to spot 3 Purple Coins hanging on the wall.

Set 2 (x3)

Swim to the location where the Lochlady swam. Capture the zipper underwater to unlock an indentation that houses 3 coins.

Set 3 (x3)

On the first location, search for the flower and jump onto it to scale the ledge. Remove the pillars to find the Purple Coins tucked in an alcove.

Set 4 (x3)

On the same area, plunge into the water and capture the zipper to access the passage on the wall. Scale the platform by using wall climb to find the group of coins on the top left.

Set 5 (x4)

Follow the water tunnel to reach the plaza. Face the opposite side to find Purple Coins tucked in the nook. Remain suspended underwater to avoid the thorns covering the floor.

Set 6 (x4)

Capture a Goomba, then locate the rest to stack 10. Proceed to the courtyard near the fishing pond to grab the 4 Coins floating on top of the raised platform.

Set 7 (x4)

Pass through the green pipe protruding from the rooftop of water plaza to begin an 8-bit section.

Ride the platform to reach the opposite side. Dislodge from the moving platform and go through the wall on the left to find a secret passage. Board the platform again then jump to collect the Purple Coins.

Set 8 (x6)

From the surface, dive into the water where the rocks and platform meet to find 3 coins.

Northeast from this location is another set of Purple Coins tucked behind some wooden pillars. Remove them with Cappy to pass through the alcove.

Set 9 (x4)

Head to the Water Plaza and jump onto the flower to send Mario propelling. The 4 coins rest on the upper leftmost platform.

Set 10 (x3)

Go near the rooftop of Water Plaza to enter the door marked with Cappy. Pass by the enemies then grab the ledge and shimmy to the left side to collect the coins.

Set 11 (x4)

Start at the platform beside the rooftop of Water Plaza to find a zipper. Throw Cappy to capture the zipper and remove the barricade to find 4 Purple Coins.

Set 12 (x3)

Enter the Water Plaza Display Window then approach the balcony and hang onto the ledge. To collect them, shimmy to the midsection of the ridge.

Set 13 (x3)

Proceed to the floor below the Water Plaza roof, then continue to the rear of the roof to find the coins surrounding the cylinder.

Set 14 (x3)

Exit the waterway that connects to the rooftop of the plaza to reach the platform. Press the P button to operate the mechanism which gives you 3 coins.

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