Super Mario Odyssey - Sand Kingdom Purple Coin Locations: Guide

Know where each purple coin is located in the Sand Kingdom by reading our Sand Kingdom Purple Coin Locations Guide for Super Mario Odyssey.

Sand Kingdom Purple Coin

The Sand Kingdom Purple Coin or Local Coin is shaped like an inverted pyramid. These purple coins are scattered around Tostarena.

To help you find each purple coin in the game, here is a Sand Kingdom Purple Coin Locations guide which includes a map of where to find each Sand Kingdom purple coin as well as some directions on how to get them in the kingdom.

Sand Kingdom Map

Purple Coin Locations

Set 1 (x3)

Sand Kingdom Purple Coin

The location is under the floating island, south of Sand Kingdom. After finding the row of cacti, proceed to the cliff to find 3 Purple Coins floating on the side. Allow Mario to grab onto the ledge to take them.

Set 2 (x4)

After defeating the boss, proceed to the oasis and collect the 4 coins underwater.

Set 3 (x2)

Go to the hill right of Tostarena town to find pair of Purple Coins.

Set 4 (x9)

There 3 Purple Coins stacked on the tip of the umbrella in front of the Crazy Cap Shop.

After collecing them, jump onto the umbrella to find the coins on the rooftop of the Crazy Cap Shop.

Set 5 (x3)

Head to the balcony of the building near the Crazy Cap Shop to find 3 Purple Coins.

Set 6 (x4)

Once you defeat the boss, head to the plaza to find the coins surrounding the fountain.

Set 7 (x3)

Proceed to the east of Tostarena town to find 3 Purple Coins tucked behind the walls of the buildings.

Set 8 (x5)

After felling the boss, scale the orange rooftop on the northeast side to find the thawed rocket. Examine the section by the central house to find them.

Set 9 (x3)

Capture the power cables to reach the purple building, then cross to the ledge of the cyan dome to collect the coins.

Set 10 (x4)

Finish the challenge inside Tostarena Ruins sinkhole, then head to the top of Jaxi Ruins. Ride the parked Jaxi to grab the coins floating on patches of the purple goo.

Set 11 (x8)

Ride Jaxi to reach the interior of Jaxi Ruins. Have Jaxi ram the pair of cacti, then navigate across while generously using the breaks to grab them all. Three can be found on a wide path, two spawns near some cacti, and the rest can be obtained on a narrow path.

Set 12 (x3)

Once you enter the ruins, remove the cactus blocking the corner to find three coins hanging floating on the ledge.

Set 13 (x3)

Enter the pipe in Tostarena Ruins to grab the 3 Purple Coins floating on the bottom-left corner of the 8-bit section.

Set 14 (x4)

After thawing the area, head to the base of the round tower to commence the 8-bit section. With the ice gone, pass to the opposite side then drop down to the side below the Bullet Bills and drop down to find 4 Purple Coins.

Set 15 (x3)

Inspect the back of the round tower’s 8-bit section to find a gap on the wall containing 3 Purple Coins.

Set 16 (x4)

Enter the sinkhole to reach the underground cave. Pass through the main platform and have Cappy clear the frozen section to collect the first pair. Jump onto the flower to propel into the air to grab the last pair.

Set 17 (x3)

Operate the mechanism to the right of the tracks to remove the block. Leap across to the nearby platform and collect the coins.

Set 18 (x3)

Enter the area where the Moe-Eyes reside to capture one. Face the side of the purple goo to expose a bridge leading to the Purple Coins.

Set 19 (x4)

Check the right side of the abyss to find a gap containing Yellow Coins. Jump down and use Cappy to start the challenge.

Capture Moe-Eye to reveal a path, follow the platform to reach the next location. Have Moe-Eye reveal another path then cross to collect the Purple Coins.

Set 20 (x3)

Head to the northeast section of the map to find the Purple Coins lined up along the pillar.

Set 21 (x6)

Move to the northwest edge of Sand Kingdom and enter the doorway.

Capture Bullet Bill to pass through the toxic water, and follow the path to reach the platform surrounded by Yellow Coins. You will need to capture another Bullet Bill to reach it.

Set 22 (x3)

From the Northwest Reaches, proceed to the back left edge of the map, then continue to the rear of the building to find a gap on the wall.

Set 23 (x3)

Return to the Inverted Pyramid using the slingshot. From the spawn point, jump on top of the Bullet Bill spawn launcher. Jump on this spot to expose a block. Leap on top of it, then jump again to find another block. Repeat this process, then jump again to stick to the ceiling. Continue to the center to gather the 3 hanging Purple Coins.

Set 24 (x7)

Return to the Underground Temple to find Purple Coins hidden behind the blocks. Using Cappy, trigger the mechanism and avoid the radius of the blast to break a couple, then capture the nearby Goomba to collect the first three.

Stack a couple of Goombas, then ride the moving platform when it stops. Transfer to the leftmost platform, and collect the four floating on the left side.

Set 25 (x3)

Complete the mission of Sand Kingdom, then climb to the top of the Inverted Pyramid. Check behind the platform to discover three coins sandwiched between the two steps.

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