Super Mario Odyssey - Revealed Mario Costumes: News

Here is a list of costumes that Mario can obtain and wear in Super Mario Odyssey. These Mario costumes can be used in any kingdom or level.

Mario Costumes

There are several costumes that Mario can obtain in Super Mario Odyssey. Although there are aesthetic changes to Mario whenever he switches to a different costume, it is not yet clear if these has unique gameplay elements. We will update this list of Super Mario costumes with a guide on how to get each costume once the game releases.

List of Mario Costumes

Classic Mario

Classic Mario Costumes

Source: Nintendo

This pays homage to the classic outfit that Mario wore in the old Donkey Kong games. He wears red trousers and a blue shirt instead of blue trousers and red shirt.

Explorer Mario

Explorer Mario Costumes

Source: Nintendo

This costume gives of safari vibes due to the classic hat that you’ll often see old adventurers wearing back in the day.

Swimming Gear Mario

Swimming Gear Costumes

Source: Nintendo

Mario is ready to take on the waves with his Swimming Gear. We are guessing that this costumes will help him swim better underwater.

Caveman Mario

Caveman Costumes

Source: Nintendo

The Caveman Mario costume has Mario wearing a Koopa skull hat as well as animal skin shorts and shoes. This gives Mario a primitive and barbaric look.

Polar Outfit Mario

Polar Outfit Costumes

Source: Nintendo

Mario is geared to combat the cold weather using the Polar Outfit. This costume has Mario wearing a down vest and spiked hiking shoes.

Painter Mario

Painter Costumes

Source: Nintendo

The Painter Mario costume has a painter apron and hat. However, underneath the apron is the regular clothes that Mario is wearing in Super Mario Odyssey.

Poncho Mario

Source: Nintendo

This Poncho Mario outfit not only has Mario wearing a poncho but also a matching hat. Underneath the poncho is a red shirt paired with green pants and brown leather shoes.

Builder Mario

Source: Nintendo

The Builder Mario costume is first seen in the Super Mario Maker games for the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS. With its return, we hope that Mario can build platforms whenever he wears this outfit.

Shirtless Mario

Source: Nintendo

One of the most popular Mario costumes, the Shirtless Mario costume became viral on the internet due to that fact that it is the first time that Mario is seen shirtless.

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