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Information on the Javelin Exosuits in Anthem, including charateristics and playstyle. Click on a Javelin to read detailed information about each one.

Anthem Javelins List

Characteristics of Javelins

Machine-like armor

Freelancers pilot powerful Exosuits known as Javelins. These suits grant powerful abilities and access to a variety of weapons. Flying to combat, Freelancers use Javelins to engage and defeat various monsters.

Unique attributes, equipment, and abilitiies

There are currently four unique Javelins, each having their own strengths, weaknesses, and exclusive equipment. Choose a Javelin that matches the playstyle most comfortable to you, the type of enemies you expect to encounter, or the battlefield’s terrain.

Strengthened through customization

Customizing your Javelins allows you to take on tougher foes. Choose a loadout that augments your Javelins’ inherent abilities or fit them with enhancements that cover for their weaknesses.

Types of Javelins


Anthem Javelin Ranger

The Javelin given to players at the start of the game. The Ranger is equipped to handle every situation and has the highest versatility in terms of usable weapons.

Ranger Javelin Information


Anthem Javelin Colossus

The Colossus is a heavy-armored suit that emphasizes defense and firepower. The Colossus’ exclusive weapons are some of the most powerful in the game. Because of its size, the suit does suffer from poor mobility.

Colossus Javelin Information


Anthem Javelin Storm

A unique Javelin that harnesses elemental energy and can equip Kinesis equipment. The Storm prefers ranged bombardment to annihilate groups of enemies. The suit also has very good mobility but suffers from low defense. The Storm is best suited to zoning the enemy from the rear of the team’s formation.

Storm Javelin Information


Anthem Javelin Interceptor

The Interceptor specializes in close-range, high-speed combat that relies on surprise and evasion. Boasting the best mobility out of all Javelins, the Interceptor favors a lightning-fast offensive playstyle to take out enemies before they can react.

Interceptor Javelin Information

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