Akala Island Walkthrough Part 3 : From Mallow’s Trials up to first Ultra Beast [Pokémon Sun and Moon]

Let's continue on our adventure at Akala Island to find out the mystery behind the Aether Foundation!

This walkthrough covers Akala Island and explains the details from Mallow’s trials up to the Ultra Beast encounter at the Aether Foundation for Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Route 8

Pokémon Encounters (Water)

Name Possible Levels
Finneon 17+
Tentacool 17+
Wingull 17+
Magikarp 20
Chinchou (rare)
Wishiwashi 20

Pokémon Encounters (Grass)

Name Possible Levels
Fletchinder 18-20
Alolan Rattata 18-20
Salandit 18-20
Stufful 18-20 (rare)
Trumbeak 18-20
Yungoos 18-20


Name Location
Big Pearl Behind the low white building
Ultra Ball On the grassy cliffside behind Trainer 3
Hyper Potion Beside the second trainer on Route 8
Miracle Seed In the patch of grass across from Trainer # 2
Water Stone (Needs Lapras) In the bay
Dive Ball Behind the Roadside Motel at the end of Route 8
Zygarde Cell Beside the low white building
(Hidden) Adrenaline Orb Near Trainer # 3
(Hidden) Awakening Inside Dream Park
(Hidden) Iron Near the rock beside the Pokémon Center
(Hidden) Max Repel Near the Rare Fishing Spot

Trainers Encountered

Name Pokémon Reward
Backpacker Kiana Eevee (Lv.20) 480 pokédollars
Rising Star Mikey Bounsweet(Lv.20)
1008 pokédollars
Rising Star Nicki Miltank(Lv.21) 1008 pokédollars
Scientist Tyrone Archen(Lv.20)
960 pokédollars
Golfer Rockruff(Lv.20) 1200 pokédollars
Golfer Meowth(Alola)(Lv.20) 1200 pokédollars
Karate Family
Samuel and Guy
Machop (Lv.21)
Machop (Lv.19)
900 pokédollars
Let's Explore Route 8
Let’s Explore Route 8!

A strong Ace Trainer is waiting for you near the Route 8 entrance, but you won’t be able to battle her unless you beat all the other trainers in the area. She has TM58 (Sky Drop) in store for you if you win.

The Ace Trainer on Route 8
The Ace Trainer on Route 8

Walk down the path sloping away from the road in front of you. You will end up at the water’s edge, where a Rare Fishing Spot is located. You could try your luck at the Fishing Spot and catch a Chinchou.

The Rare Fishing Spot
The Rare Fishing Spot
Zygarde Cell location 1
Zygarde Cell location 1

Head back up to the road and go left. Get the Zygarde Cell from beside the low white building, which is owned by an organization called the Aether Foundation. Go inside, and a staffer will ask you to get information about a Stufful that lives in Route 8 in exchange for some money. You can try searching the patch of grass behind the building for the Stufful, which will net you 5,000 pokédollars.


A scientist named Colress will catch up with you as you are leaving the Aether Foundation building. He will give you TM43 (Flame Change).

Continue on Route 8, dispatching the trainers you meet along the way. Grab the Hyper Potion beside the second trainer. Climb the slopes behind Trainer # 3, then walk down into the grassy cliffside to get an Ultra Ball.

WHere to find the Ultra Ball
Where to find the Ultra Ball

Tyrone the Scientist (Trainer # 4) will use resurrected fossil Pokémon Archen and Shieldon when he challenges you. Hit Archen with an Electric-type attack, and Shieldon with a Water-type one.

Move into the Dream Park (the area with the trailer and construction materials) and search the ground using Stoutland to dig up an Awakening.

Drop by the Pokémon Center at the end of Route 8 to heal your team, and get the Dive Ball behind the Roadside Motel. Gladion is in one of the rooms, but he isn’t in a friendly mood.

Head down to the shoreline from the Pokémon Center. There is a Zygarde Cell beside the rock sticking out of the ground.

Zygarde Cell location 2
Zygarde Cell location 2


You can catch a Wimpod on Route 8.
You can catch a Wimpod on Route 8.

You will see a Wimpod scurrying about. Don’t try to catch it outright though, as you won’t be able to. Ride the Lapras around the bay and approach the Wimpod from behind to surprise it. If you fail, leave the area once, then return. The Wimpod will respawn in the area. The Wimpod will leave a random item as a bonus.

Head back out into the bay. Defeat the two trainers on the island who will challenge you to a double battle if you haven’t done so, then return to the water to get the Water Stone.

When you have explored Route 8, enter Route 5 and prepare to face your third challenge. You can raid Route 5 to get more Pokémon and items.

Route 5 Revisited

Pokémon Encounters

Name Possible Levels
Diglett 18
Fomantis 14-20
Pikipek 15-17


Name Location
Big Root Near the sign post
Zygarde Cell Go left at the ledge after the signpost. The Zygarde cell is around the corner.
Hyper Potion Beside Ace Trainer Alexis
Ether On an elevated area in Route 5
(Hidden) PP Up Buried beside a big rock near Lush Jungle’s entrance
(Hidden) Star Piece Search the part of Route 5 with the volcanic steam vents.
(Hidden) Nugget Hop down from the first one-way ledge in Route 5 and sniff to the left with Stoutland.
TM59 (Brutal Swing) On an elevated path in the middle of Route 5

Trainers Encountered

Name Pokémon Reward
Ace Trainer Alexis Goomy (Lv.22)
Sylveon (Lv.23)
1564 pokédollarsHa
Youngster Caleb Charjabug (Lv.20) 400 pokédollars s
Hiker Gabriel Mudbray (Lv.21) 672 pokédollars

This is the same Route 5 you passed by before on your way to Brooklet Hill, but this time, you are exploring the northern half of the area, previously inaccessible because of one-way ledges.

Starting from the entrance, move to the right. The entrance to Lush Jungle, where you will battle Captain Mallow, is to the north. Go south instead.

You will see an item come into view to your right. You won’t be able to get it until later. For now, call Stoutland and sniff around the area opposite the item to find a buried PP Up. A Big Root is also buried near the signpost.

Use Stoutland Ride to get a PP Up.
Use Stoutland Ride to get a PP Up.
The Big Root is easier to spot.
The Big Root is easier to spot.

Hop down from the upper ledge and start sniffing to the left to get a Nugget. However, several Diglett will attack from time to time. Continue on this path, rounding up the corner to get a Zygarde Cell. The path will curve back, taking you up to the previously-inaccessible item – an Ether. Double back once more, this time taking the narrow path sloping down to get TM59 (Brutal Swing)

The Ether restores the PP of a Pokémon's move
The Ether restores the PP of a Pokémon’s move
TM59 is a Dark-type move
TM59 is a Dark-type move

Defeat the Ace trainer in the area, then get the Hyper Potion lying beside her. You are now in the area behind the Pokémon Center.

Hyper Potion
Hyper Potion

Go back to the one-way ledges and hop down again. You are now in the part of Route 5 that you have passed before. If you haven’t done so before, get the Star Piece and TM41 (Torment) from the part of Route 5 with the volcanic fissures. Have your team healed at the Pokémon Center to the east if you need to.

A TM is beside a smoky volcanic vent
A TM is beside a smoky volcanic vent

Since you won’t be able to go back the way you came from because of the one-way ledges, call Charizard using your Ride Pager and return to Route 8 by air.

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