How to Change Oricorio’s Form [Pokemon Sun and Moon]

Change Oricorio's Form using a special flower

About Oricorio’s Form Change

Oricorio changes forms by drinking nectar which can be found in each island of Alola region.

Form change will not only change its looks, but it will change its primary type as well. Use the form that suits the situation to play the battle advantageously.


Oricorio’s Forms

Name Flower Type Location
Pom-Pom Style Yellow Nectar Electric
Melemele Meadow(Night)
Pa’u Style Pink Nectar Psychic
Akala Meadow(Day)
Baile Style Red Nectar Fire
Ula Ula Meadow
Sensu Style Purple Nectar Ghost
Poni Meadow


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There is no “Akala Meadow”. The Pink Nectar is at Royal Avenue. You have the time of day correct, though.