Items dropped by Wild Pokemon [Pokemon Sun and Moon]

The items you'll get when a Pokemon drops an item

Where to find a Wild Pokemon that drops an item

Wild Pokemon that drop items are often the ones located in areas with a patch of shaking grass or splashing water. However, these encounters are very rare.

These Pokemon drop an item after defeating or capturing them in battle.

List of Wild Pokemon and the items that they drop

Pokémon Dropped Item
Yungoos Oran Berry (Probability: High)
Sitrus Berry (Probability: Low)
Gumshoos Sitrus Berry
Rattata(AlolaForm) Oran Berry (Probability: High)
Sitrus Berry  (Probability: Low)
Raticate(AlolaForm) Sitrus Berry
Makuhita Oran Berry (Probability: High)
Sitrus Berry  (Probability: Low)
Hariyama ・Black Belt
Spearow ・Pretty Wing (Probability: High)
・Sharp Beak  (Probability: Low)
Fearow ・Swift Wing (Probability: High)
・Health Wing (Probability: Medium)
・Sharp Beak  (Probability: Low)
Rufflet ・Pretty Wing
Braviary ・Muscle Wing (Probability: High)
・Genius Wing (Probability: High)
Vullaby ・Pretty Wing
Mandibuzz ・Muscle Wing (Probability: High)
・Genius Wing (Probability: Low)
Diglett(AlolaForm) ・Big Root (Probability: High)
・Soft Sand (Probability: Low)
Dugtrio(AlolaForm) ・Big Root (Probability: High)
・Soft Sand (Probability: Low)
Fomantis Honey
Sandygast ・Spell Tag
Staryu ・Stardust (Probability: High)
・Star Piece (Probability: Low)
Tentacool ・Poison Barb
Wimpod Big Pearl (Probability: High)
Nugget (Probability: Medium)
・Big Nugget (Probability: Low)
Jangmo-o Heart Scale
Hakamo-o Heart Scale
Skarmory ・Clever Wing (Probability: High)
・Resist Wing (Probability: Low)
Sandile ・Black Glasses
Trapinch Figy Berry
Wailmer Big Pearl
Wailord Big Pearl
Scyther ・Aguav Berry
Emolga ・Cell Battery
Primeape ・Wiki Berry
Petilil ・Absorb Bulb
Cottonee ・Absorb Bulb

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