Tips and Tricks: How to Reset Effort Values (EV) [Pokemon Sun and Moon]

Learn how to re-train your pokemon from the ground up

Detailed information on how to reset Effort Values (EV) in Pokemon Sun and Moon using the Festival Plaza enchaned services.

How to Reset a Pokemon’s Effort Values (EV)



■ Unlocking Enhanced Services using Festival Plaza

Enhanced services will be added to Goody shops/ Bouncy houses/ Food Stall when your Festival Plaza Rank reaches level 30. The Sweets Set and the Secret Set have an effect of raising the Pokemon’s happiness at the cost of resetting one kind of Effort Values per menu.You will not be able to buy the Sweets Set or the Secret Meal if your Pokemons friendship level is at maximum or if there is no more EV for the stat it requires.

This type of enhanced service increases happiness. Should you want to lower your Pokemon’s happiness, you can either: have it faint several times in battle, or use bitter herbal medicine.

Information on Effort Values

Please refer to [Pokemon Sun and Moon] EV Training 101: How and Where.

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