Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Agile Style and Strong Style Moves

A guide on Agile Style and Strong Style moves in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Included are basic information on Agile and Strong Style moves, effects on action order (turn order), and tips and strategies on using them.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Agile Style and Strong Style Moves

Agile Style and Strong Style Moves in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Pokemon Legends: Arceus features Agile Style and Strong Style moves which are unique ways to execute attacks in battle. These methods of unleashing moves allow you to gain the advantage against enemies when used wisely by controlling the action order during encounters.

Action Order Guide

Agile Style Moves

Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Agile Style

Using attacks in Agile Style increases the user’s action speed which may allow them to move earlier than their opponent on the next turn. This, however, comes at the consequence of lowering the move’s power.

Tips for Agile Style

Using Agile Style is particularly effective when attempting to stack buffs on your Pokemon or debuffs and status conditions on the enemy. Afterwards, you can choose to switch to Strong Style which will better capitalize on the effects of moves used earlier.

Strong Style Moves

Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Strong Style

Strong Style moves, meanwhile, enhance the power of attacks at the cost of lowering the user’s action speed. This mode of unleashing attacks is best used for throwing out high-damage moves, especially those capable of knocking out the foe in one hit.

Tips for Strong Style

As mentioned earlier, using Strong Style moves is recommended if you have already set up buffs, debuffs, and status ailments that grant you the advantage in succeeding turns. Try to prepare for your opponent’s next course of action after your action speed is lowered from using Strong Style moves.

Some good strategies include lowering your opponent’s accuracy or increasing your Pokemon’s evasion before attacking in Strong Style to compensate for your reduced action speed on the next turn. Inflicting paralysis or sleep are also viable tactics to prevent the opponent from taking advantage of the current turn order.

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