Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Jubilife Village Facilities Guide

Jubilife Village facilities guide for Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Incuded are features of all unlockable shops and services, how to unlock each facility, related NPCs, and other userful information.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Jubilife Village Facilities

Jubilife Village Facilities Guide for Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Jubilife Village serves as the primary hub in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, allowing you to access a variety of useful facilities and services to help you during the main story or allow you to personalize your character in a number of different ways.

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Galaxy Expedition Team Headquarters

Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Galaxy Expedition Team Headquarters

The Hisui Galaxy Expedition Team’s base of operations is found in Jubilife Village. It is where you can find members such as Commander Kamado, Professor Laventon, and Captain Cyllene as well as members of the organization’s Medical, Security, and Survey Corps.

Special assignments and promotions are usually given out at the Galaxy Team’s HQ so it is worth visiting the base frequently when you are at the village.

How to Unlock Unlock at the start of the game.
NPCs Command Kamado, Captain Cyllene, Professor Laventon

General Store

Pokemon Legends: Arceus - General Store

The General Store is where you can purchase various usable items to take with you during missions and requests. The shop is essentially the game’s version of the Pokemart found in previous titles. While not mentioned in official sources, it is expected that more items will be up for sale at the General Store by progressing through the game.

How to Unlock

General Store Items List


Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Craftworks

The village’s Craftworks sells a selection of different crafting materials and crafting recipes that allow you to make new items at a workbench. As with the General Store, more materials and recipes may become available at the Craftworks later on during the main story.

How to Unlock
NPCs Anvin

Craftworks Items List


Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Clothier

You can pick out and purchase clothes at the Clothier which offers a variety of styles and themes to suit your preferences. A myriad of tops, bottoms, footwear, tops, and masks can be bought to customize your look in the game.

How to Unlock
NPCs Anthe

Clothes and Outfits List


Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Hairdresser

The Hairdresser lets you change your hairstyle and hair color at any time during play, adding an additional level of personalization to the game.

How to Unlock
NPCs Edith

Hairstyles List


Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Pastures

You can visit the village’s Pastures for depositing Pokemon that you do not want to take with you during missions and requests. Pastures function similarly to Pokemon Boxes which were previously accessed from PCs at Pokemon Centers.

How to Unlock

Pastures Guide

Photography Studio

Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Photography Studio

The Photography Studio lets you do photoshoots with your Pokemon to save in your album. An impressive range of available poses, backgrounds, and effects give you freedom to capture memories with your Pokemon throughout your adventure.

How to Unlock
NPCs Dagero

Photography Guide

Trading Post

Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Trading Post

Trading Posts allow you to trade Pokemon with other players from around the world via an internet connection and Nintendo Online subscription. You can also exchange any Merit points you have accumulated for special items.

How to Unlock
NPCs Simona

Trading Guide

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