Pokemon Legends: Arceus - How to Get Manaphy and Phione

A guide on where to find Manaphy and Phione in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Included are the location of each Mythical Pokemon, request encountered, conditions for them to appear, Pokemon stats, and other useful tips.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus - How to Get Manaphy and Phione

How to Get Manaphy and Phione

Manaphy and Phione Water-type Mythical Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. They are encountered during the research request The Sea’s Legend once you have reached the Fifth Star Member rank in the Galaxy Team Survey Corps. The side quest can be accessed by checking the request board behind Professor Laventon at the Galaxy Team HQ.

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Where to Find Manaphy and Phione

Encountered During The Sea’s Legend Request

Manaphy Phione
Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Manaphy Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Phione
Lv. Lv.
50 ?
Type Type
Water Water
Category Category
Seafaring Pokemon Sea Drifter Pokemon
Description Description
Rumored to migrate across the oceans and visit Hisui’s coastal waters only rarely. Although Manaphy resembles Phione, it is also quite different. The relation between the two is unclear. Can be seen floating offshore during seasons when the seas are warm. Its azure body blends in with the ocean waters – logic suggests this is a defense mechanism against natural predators.
Request Encountered Request Encountered
The Sea’s Legend The Sea’s Legend

Manaphy and Phione are found at Seaside Hollow of Cobalt Coastlands during nighttime. To make them appear, you must have a Buizel, Mantyke, and Overqwil in your team when you head to the location. Sail through the large spike-like rock formations jutting out of the water near Sand’s Reach.

Once you trigger the “cry and boulder shifting in the distance”, surf past the pillars and through Lunker’s Lair’s tunnel ahead. When you come out the other end, stick to the left and keep hugging the land mass, passing by the first cave entrance on your left. Further ahead, enter the second cave on your left to find Manaphy and several Phione.

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