Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Frenzied Pokemon Guide

A guide on Frenzied Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Included are tips on how to battle and quell Frenzied Pokemon, useful tips, all Frenzied Pokemon locations, missions and requests, and rewards for taming them.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Frenzied Pokemon Guide

Frenzied Pokemon Guide for Pokemon Legends: Arceus

What are Frenzied Pokemon?

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Frenzied Pokemon are Pokemon that have become significantly aggressive due to a mysterious phenomenon affecting the Hisui Region in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. They are distinguished by their glowing appearance and wild behavior.

Encountered During Main Story Missions

As part of the Galaxy Team’s Survey Corps, you will be tasked to quell Frenzied Pokemon during various missions and request. This is no easy feat, however, as Pokemon under the condition will be extremely violent and will attack you on sight.

Affects Noble Pokemon

The Frenzy phenomenon is known to affect Noble Pokemon, though it is likely that other ones found in the wild may also fall under the condition.

New Noble Pokemon List

How to Quell Frenzied Pokemon

Use balms to lower the Pokemon’s Frenzy Gauge.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Use Balms

Frenzied Pokemon can be quelled by throwing special balms which are made of the their favorite food. Doing so will deplete a portion of the foe’s Frenzy Gauge which is indicated on the upper section of the screen.

Observe and avoid enemy attacks.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Dodge Attacks

Frenzied Pokemon will constantly attack you while you are trying to hit it with balms. Get familiar with the enemy’s behavior and attacks and dodge at the right moment to avoid taking too much damage during the fight.

Send out your Pokemon to wear out the enemy.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Battling Frenzied Pokemon

You can take on the Frenzied Pokemon by sending out one of your own Pokemon to battle. Landing hits and dealing enough damage to the foe will cause it to get stunned, giving you time to throw balms before it recovers. Note that simply defeating the Frenzied Pokemon in battle using moves will not quell it.

Tips for Battling Frenzied Pokemon

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Frenzied Pokemon Missions and Requests

Below is a list of all missions and requests that require you to quell Frenzied Pokemon. Included are each mission and availability (how to unlock), location, target Pokemon and rewards.

Frenzied Pokemon Missions

Mission Location and Availability Target Pokemon Rewards
The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods Grandtree Arena Kleavor

Main Mission Walkthroughs

Frenzied Pokemon Requests

Mission Location and Availability Target Pokemon Rewards

Requests Walkthroughs

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