Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Ginkgo Guild Guide

A guide on the Ginkgo Guild shop in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Included are basic information on the guild, characters (members), how to unlock, other features and services, and useful tips.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Ginkgo Guild Guide

Overview and Guide about the Ginkgo Guild in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

What is the Ginkgo Guild?

Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Ginkgo Guild Guide

The Ginkgo Guild is a merchant organization operating in the Hisui Region of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Two of the guild’s named members are frequently encountered during the main story as you go on missions to survey different Pokemon living in the wild.

How to Unlock the Ginkgo Guild

The Ginkgo Guild is likely unlocked after encountering its members during the main story. More information on this will be added when the game comes out.

Main Missions Walkthroughs

Ginkgo Guild Members


Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Ginter

Ginter is the Ginkgo Guild’s leader. He travels across the Hisui Region in search of rare items and special finds that he will sell to you on your journey.


Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Volo

A mysterious member of the Ginkgo Guild, Volo is a merchant who you will regularly cross paths with during the main story. He is something of an adventurer himself, owing to his curiosity and interest in unusual finds and unusual people.

Ginkgo Guild Services

Sale of Rare Items

Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Ginkgo Guild Shop

Ginkgo Guild members will regularly sell you hard-to-find wares that they find in the game. It is recommended to check out their stock whenever you have the chance as they may sell rare items and materials you can use for crafting.

Crafting Guide

It is also assumed that you will be able to sell off items you do not need to the Ginkgo Guild. This allows you to earn some money yourself when you find them while exploring the different locations in the game.

Exclusive Items and Services (to be confirmed)

While not confirmed in any official sources, it is also expected that certain items can only be obtained by purchasing them from the Ginkgo Guild. Furthermore, clearing certain Missions and Requests may also unlock new items and features in the guild’s shop.

Missions and Requests

The Gingko Guild is visited multiple times for main missions and requests. These can be viewed in the Missions and Requests menu of the Arc Phone.

Ginkgo Guild Missions

Mission Objectives Rewards
? Coming Soon! Coming Soon!

Main Missions Walkthroughs

Ginkgo Guild Requests

Request Objectives Rewards
? Coming Soon! Coming Soon!

Requests Walkthroughs

Tips for Transacting with the Ginkgo Guild

Coming Soon!

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