Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Zubat’s Eyes Request Walkthrough

Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Zubat’s Eyes Request Walkthrough

Zubat’s Eyes Request Walkthrough for Pokemon Legends: Arceus

A complete request walkthrough and guide for Zubat’s Eyes in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Included are an overview of the research request, availability (how to unlock), requester (client), location, recommended level, objective, rewards, and an in-depth guide on how to clear it.

Request Overview

Requested By Clarissa
Description Clarissa of the Security Corps is baffled by how Zubat can fly about with ease when it’s pitch-black outside! Bring a Zubat for her to examine.
Availability Talk to Clarissa.
Location Near the Farm
Recommended Level
Objectives Catch a Zubat to deliver it to Clarissa.
Rewards Aux Power x1

Requests Walkthroughs

Zubat’s Eyes Walkthrough

1 First, Go to the Village and look for Clarissa of the Security Corps. Talk to her to start this quest.
2 After hearing out Clarissa, she will ask you to show a Zubats.
3 Once you have obtained a Zubat, return to Clarissa and show her the Zubat. You will receive a reward of Aux Power x1. This completes this request.

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