Pokemon Legends: Arceus - All Unown Locations

A list and guide of all Unown locations in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Included are where to find all Unown, in-game hints on the areas they can be found, and exact locations in the game.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus - All Unown Locations

All Unown Locations in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

What are Unown?

Unown are mysterious letter-shaped Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus that are found throughout the various areas of the Hisui region. Various hints are given in the game describing their locations, though it might still be quite hard to figure out the exact areas where they are hiding.

Hisui Pokedex

There are a total of 28 Unown to find in the game, with 26 of them representing the letters of the Alphabet. The last two appear as a question mark (?) and exclamation point (!) respectively.

List of All Unown

Below is a list of all Unown in the game, including the in-game hints on where to find them and their exact locations in the game.

Unown In-Game Hint Location
A Within the settlement where time rules Crimson Mirelands (Diamond Settlement): At the top of Adaman’s Hut (at the back).
B Turn your eyes up at the volcanic island. Cobalt Coastlands (Molten Arena): At the rear side of the volcano near the Alpha Ninetales’ spawns location.
C Look to the ruined pillars of Celestica. Coronet Highlands (Celestica Ruins): Head north from Primeval Grotto and follow the path to the top of the pillar formations along the far west section.
D Among stumps and campfire ashes in fields of gold. Crimson Mirelands: Campfire spot near the first tent (where you encounter the Misfortune Sisters).
E A lone tree in a pond in the grove. Obsidian Fieldlands (Grueling Grove): Found on the far island (in a tree near after passing the Alpha Heracross).
F A stony outcrop over pools of mud on a mighty mountain. Coronet Highlands (Ancient Quarry): On the hill behind the Alpha Goodra’s spawn spot.
G Atop a waterfall of obsidian. Obsidian Fieldlands (Obsidian Falls): At the top of the waterfall.
H A village gateway. Jubilife Village: At the welcome sign at the village entrance.
I The lake island where emotion resides. Obsidian Fieldlands (Lake Verity): Behind the large rock on the island in the middle of the lake.
J A nook within a quarry. Coronet Highlands (Ancient Quarry): Above the wall to the west where two rocks are sticking out.
K Where stones pile high amid fogbound ruins. Crimson Mirelands (Shrouded Ruins): Near the cliff along the pile of rocks to the southeast.
L An impasse in a cave adorned by twin falls. Coronet Highlands (Wayward Cave): On the far wall behind the breakable rock.
M A tree felled on sludge Crimson Mirelands (Sludge Mound): By the toppled tree stump in the middle of Ursaluna’s arena.
N Two horns rising from the sea On the large spike-like pillar jutting out of the sea next to the beach camp.
O Three pillars in a world of ice Alabaster Icelands (Avalanche Slopes): On a pillar nside Alpha Froslass’ cave to the east.
P Among flowers at the spring where fairies dwell. Coronet Highlands (Fabled Spring): In the area with flowers by the river where Basculin can be found.
Q Twin trees at the spring by the sea. Cobalt Coastlands (Turnback Cave): Near the entrance to Turnback Cave.
R By the grave upon the cape. Cobalt Coastlands (Veilstone Cape): Past the grave at the end of the cape.
S Where stick and log dam the river. Obsidian Fieldlands (Tidewater Dam): Near Alpha Bibarel by the dam.
T Gaze down from atop the greatest glacial legacy. Alabaster Icelands (Avalugg’s Legacy): On top of one of the pillars you can see by going to the top of the iceberg.
U The unusual stone staring out across the snowfields. Alabaster Icelands (Heart’s Crag): Behind the strange rock at the top of the double waterfall.
V A withered tree in the sprawling red swamp. Crimson Mirelands (Scarlet Bog): On a tree at the edge of the mud pool to the west.
W The left eye atop the village. Jubilife Village: Above the Magikarp statue (Galaxy Expedition Team HQ) which you can see from the training camp.
X Scale the Grandtree. Obsidian Falls (Grandtree Arena): On a branch of the tree at Kleavor’s arena.
Y Scale the frozen falls. Alabaster Icelands (Icebound Falls): At the frozen waterfall.
Z A timeworn ship on a sandy shore. Cobalt Coastlands: On the wrecked ship near the second camp.
! A dead tree by the hot spring. Alabaster Icelands (Snowfall Hot Springs): On the dead tree at the top of the pond (next to the berry tree).
? Where things hang to dry at living quarters. Jubilife Village: On the clothes line behind your house.

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