Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Evolution Guide

Evolution guide for Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Incuded are basic information on how to evolve Pokemon, types of evolution, and other useful tips.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Evolution Guide

Evolution Guide for Pokemon Legends: Arceus

What is Evolution?

Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Zorua Hisuan Form IconHisuian Zorua Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Zoroark Hisuan Form IconHisuian Zoroak

Evolution is a special phenomenon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus that allows a Pokemon to change to a more powerful form through a number of different conditions. As a result, the Pokemon will have its stats increased and will be able to learn new moves, making it much more formidable in battle. In some cases, Pokemon may even gain a new typing that alters its affinities against different foes.

With the exception of Mega Evolutions found in previous Pokemon games, Pokemon can evolve twice at most to reach their final stage. Certain species of Pokemon may even have different evolution routes that let it evolve to a different form based on varying factors.

How to Evolve Pokemon

Below are all the methods to evolve Pokemon in the game, including details on each and other useful information.

Leveling Up

Most Pokemon will evolve by simply reaching a certain level. The most notable example of this are the Starter Pokemon Cyndaquil, Oshawott, and Rowlet who gain access to their next evolution stages by leveling up. To get them to evolve as soon as possible, just have them in your team to take on wild Pokemon and those used by Trainers during main story missions.

  • Leveling Up at Specific Times of the Day

In addition to raising Pokemon to a certain level, some species will only evolve during the day, afternoon, or at nighttime. This means that you should train them in battle at a specific time. Resting at base camp tents allows you to fast-forward the time of day to whichever you like which is convenient for evolving Pokemon based on the time of day.

Using Evolution Items

Some Pokemon, meanwhile, will evolve through the use of evolution items. In certain cases, a single Pokemon species can evolve to specific forms when exposed to different evolution stones as in the case of Eevee.

Evolution Items List

Other Special Conditions

A small percentage of Pokemon will evolve under very specific conditions such using certain moves a required number of times, making them take a fixed amount of damage in battle, or even having a particular Pokemon in the party with them.

Special Evolution Conditions

Hisuian Variants

Some Pokemon species have different characteristics from their kin found on other regions featured in other Pokemon titles. Due to adapting to the different environmental conditions of the Hisui region, these Hisuian variants have drastically different behavior, typing, and moves.

Click on the link below to view a list of all Hisuian Pokemon variants in the game.

Hisuian Pokemon

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