Pokemon Legends: Arceus - The Sea’s Legend Request Walkthrough

A complete request walkthrough and guide for The Sea's Legend in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, including how to unlock, requester (client), location, recommended level, objectives, rewards, and an in-depth guide on how to clear it.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus - The Sea's Legend Request Walkthrough

The Sea’s Legend Request Walkthrough for Pokemon Legends: Arceus

A complete request walkthrough and guide for The Sea’s Legend in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Included are an overview of the research request, availability (how to unlock), requester (client), location, recommended level, objective, rewards, and an in-depth guide on how to clear it.

Request Overview

Requested By Professor Laventon
Description The Pokemon that Professor Laventon saw in the ocean might be connected to the Pokémon that appears in “The Sea’s Legend”…
Availability Unlocked after reaching Fifth Star Member rank. Afterwards, check the request board at Professor Laventon’s office to begin the request.
Location Obsidian Fieldlands
Recommended Level
  • Ask Iscan about the Pokemon that Professor Laventon saw.
  • Solve the mystery of “The Sea’s Legend,” and catch the Pokémon that Professor Laventon saw.
  • Report back to Professor Laventon to share what you’ve learned about Manaphy.
Rewards Comet Shard x3

Requests Walkthroughs

The Sea’s Legend Walkthrough

1 Manaphy and Phione are found at Seaside Hollow of Cobalt Coastlands during nighttime. To make them appear, you must have a Buizel, Mantyke, and Overqwil in your team when you head to the location
2 Sail through the large spike-like rock formations jutting out of the water near Sand’s Reach.
3 Once you trigger the “cry and boulder shifting in the distance”, surf past the pillars and through Lunker’s Lair’s tunnel ahead.
4 When you come out the other end, stick to the left and keep hugging the land mass, passing by the first cave entrance on your left. Further ahead, enter the second cave on your left to find Manaphy and several Phione.
5 Head back and talk to Professor Laventon to clear the request.

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