Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Leveling Guide

Leveling guide for Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Included are the best methods to farm experience and level up fast, recommended areas to farm during the early, middle, and late stages, and other useful tips.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Leveling Guide

Leveling Guide for Pokemon Legends: Arceus

How to Level Up Fast in the Game

Leveling your Pokemon through battles lets you evolve most Pokemon to take on tougher foes throughout the main story of Pokemon: Legends Arceus. While strategy and knowledge of your foe’s weaknesses heavily affects the outcome of encounters, it is always favorable to be at adequate levels to win with your team.

Follow the tips and strategies below to learn how to farm experience and level up fast in the game. You can also check out our Money Farming Guide by clicking on the link below.

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Do main story missions.

Playing through main story missions will pit you against different wild Pokemon and those used by Trainers in battle. Advancing the story will unlock new areas where Alphas and other stronger Pokemon roam, letting you battle them to earn more experience when grinding levels in the game.

Main Missions Walkthroughs

Clear research requests.

Aside from main missions, you do can optional research requests to farm experience. These side quests let you explore even more areas in the Hisui Region. You will also obtain many useful rewards for completing research requests to help you take on tougher assignments for the Galaxy Expedition Team.

Requests Walkthroughs

Use Pokemon to gather items.

You can experience by using Pokemon to gather materials from trees and breakable objects around the field. Try to collect as many resources as you can during missions and requests to gain a good amount of experience as well.

Use level- and experience-boosting items.

Rare Candy, EXP. Candy. and other items with similar effects can be obtained throughout the game. Use them frequently level up faster while progressing through the main story.

How to Get Rare Candy

Revive fainted Pokemon.

Pokemon will not gain any experience if they are knocked out at the end of the battle. As much as possible, try to keep your Pokemon from fainting and switch out when they are low on health. Use Revives on Pokemon that have been knocked out to prevent their efforts from going to waste.

Best Areas for Leveling

Below are the best areas for farming experience during the early, middle, and late stages of the game. Included are Pokemon found in each area and recommended level.

Early Stages

Pokemon Found
Recommended Level

Middle Stages

Pokemon Found
Recommended Level

Late Stages

Pokemon Found
Recommended Level

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