Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Pokemon Temperament Guide

Pokemon temperament guide for Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Included are all types of Pokemon temperament, details on each, and other useful information.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Pokemon Temperament Guide

Pokemon Temperament Guide for Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Pokemon Temperament Guide

In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, wild Pokemon have varying types of temperament which determine their behavior whenever you approach them. Some Pokemon species will flee upon sensing your presence, immediately attack you on sight, or simply ignore you and continue to go about their business.

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Types of Temperament

Below is are all types of temperament that can be observed from Pokemon found in the wild and details on each of them.

Temperament Details Examples
Docile Behavior remains unchanged upon seeing you. Bidoof
Skittish Will flee upon seeing you. Starly
Aggressive Will attack upon seeing you. Shinx, all Alpha Pokemon

Approaching Non-docile Pokemon

Knowing a wild Pokemon’s temperament is important for surviving during missions and for catching different skittish and aggressive species. In general, it is recommended to practice sneaking up on Pokemon by moving through tall grass. This will allow you to throw preemptively engage unsuspecting Pokemon in battle by immediately sending out your own Pokemon to ambush them.

Aiming Pokeballs at wild Pokemon to catch them is also much easier when your target is unaware of your presence. Upon detecting you, skittish and aggressive Pokemon will begin to move rapidly to flee or use attacks, making them harder to hit with balls.

Tips for Catching Pokemon

Alert State

Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Alert State

When an aggressive wild Pokemon spots you, it will go into an alert state, indicated by a red eye icon above the screen. While in this disposition, the Pokemon will deflect any Pokeballs you throw at it and will relentlessly attack you using different moves at its disposal. The only way to catch it at this point is to weaken it by sending out your Pokemon to battle it.

An aggressive Pokemon’s state will return to normal if you run away and stay out if its sight for a while (to be confirmed). Afterwards, feel free to stealthily approach the Pokemon again to get the drop on it.

Alpha Pokemon

Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Alpha Pokemon

All Alpha Pokemon are aggressive and will start to attack when they see you. It is important to note that Alpha Pokemon will immediately engage you in battle even if their regular kin are docile or skittish. Fortunately, it is quite is tell Alpha Pokemon apart from its normal species by its glowing red eyes.

Alpha Pokemon Guide


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