Pokemon Sun and Moon - Location and Use of Destiny Knot [Pokémon Sun and Moon]

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If neither the male nor the female has the Destiny Knot equipped, then only 3 IVs will be passed down.

This article contains information on the item Destiny Knot including its effects in battle and outside of battle for Pokemon Sun and Moon.

What is the Destiny Knot?

According to the in-game description, the Destiny Knot’s effect during battle:

When a Pokemon holding it is inflicted Infatuation, the Pokemon shares the condition with its attacker.

However the item has a different effect outside of battle:

When one Pokemon is holding the item Destiny Knot and is placed in the Nursery with another Pokemon that belongs to the same egg group but of opposite gender; then the Individual values (IV) passed down to the Pokemon that will be born from the egg will amount to 5 which can be: from the male, the female, or both.

If neither the male nor the female has the Destiny Knot equipped, then only 3 IVs will be passed down.

If a parent with a IV listed on the table below hatches an egg:

HP Atk Def Sp.Atk Sp.Def Speed
Parent 1 31 20 20 20 25 10
Parent 2 15 10 31 25 15 5

The Pokemon that will be obtained from the egg after placing these Pokemon in the Nursery and taking a number of steps would have either:

  • 5 Random Individual Values (IV) passed down if the Destiny Knot is equipped by one of the parents.
  • 3 Random Individual Values (IV) passed down if neither of the parents have the Destiny Knot equipped.

However passing down IVs is not simultaneous. In other words, the hatched Pokemon from the egg can only obtain either Parent 1’s or Parent 2’s Individual Value.

For example, the egg may obtain either a 31 HP IV or a 15 HP IV but not both.

If a Pokemon obtained from the egg has more Individual value (IV) of 31 than one of its parents, it should replace one of them to increase the chances of obtaining a Pokemon with the ideal IV.

How to Obtain the Destiny Knot

There are two ways to obtain the item Destiny Knot:

  • A Pokemon with the Pickup Ability can obtain it through chance. An example of this is Lillipup, and Meowth.
  • It can also be obtained from the Battle Royale Dome for 48 Battle Points (BP).

Since there are other better items that can be obtained in the Battle Tree Exchange Corner, it is recommended to capture Pokemon with Pickup to obtain a Destiny Knot instead.

  • In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the Destiny Knot can be obtained by saving the Swimmer trapped by Frillish off the coast of the Ghost Trial.

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    • Hi Jayden, you would want to put up a team of 1 or 6 Alolan Meowth each having the Pickup ability (Lilipup is also a viable choice), with more Meowth to raise your chance of obtaining the item. Then battle wild Pokemon multiple times, being sure to check your party screen if the meowth has a held item.