Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Ulaula Island Acerola’s Trial: Walkthrough

This page contains a Walkthrough for Ulaula Island Part 2. This part takes place from Professor's cutscene to sailing to Aether Paradise and in-game stats.

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Ulaula Island Acerola’s Trial: Walkthrough

Story Route

  • Malie Garden
    • Face Team Skull Boss.
    • Receive the Professor’s gift.
  • Route 11/ 12
    • Obtain the new Poke Ride from Route 12.
  • Optional Areas
    • Take a detour to the Power Plant.
  • Route 13
    • Encounter Gladion.
  • Tapu Village/ Route 14
    • Take a pit-stop at the Aether House.
    • Meet the youngsters.
  • Route 14 (Revisited)
    • Partake of the Ghost-type trial.
  • Thrifty Megamart
    • Take on the trial.
    • Defeat the Totem Pokemon.
  • Route 14
    • Receive the Z-Crystal

Malie Garden

  1. You will find Professsor Kukui in Malie Garden. A cutscene will play.

Trainer Battle: Guzma

  1. Defeat him to receive a Z-Crystal which depends on the Starter you chose (DecidueyeZ, IncineroarZ , or PrimarinaZ).
  2. Proceed to Route 11 and continue along the path until you arrive at Tapu Village.

Route 11

  1. Proceed along Route 11 until you reach the end. However, be sure to battle the Black Belt who is standing near the bulletin. You will be given a TM66 (Payback) for defeating him.
  2. Present the Z-Crystal you got from defeating Guzma to pass through the checkpoint.

Map Information

Wild Pokemon Location Notes
Komala Grass
Pancham Grass
Item Location Notes
Given by the Black Belt after battle
Trainer Encounters
Black Belt

Route 12

  1. You will need to pass through Route 12. You will get the Poke Ride for Mudsdale at the end of the path. This allows you to run across rocky terrains.
  2. Use the Poke Ride to reach Route 13 (ignore the path to Blush Mountain for now). You will encounter Hau and Gladion along the way before a cutscene will play.

Map Information

Wild Pokemon Location Notes
Torkoal Grass
Manectric Grass
Mudsdale Grass
Item Location
Ride Pager Mudsdale Given at the end of Route 12

Route 13

  • Head west from Route 12 to reach Route 13. Continue on the path to Tapu Village.
  • When you arrive at Tapu Village, head west and enter the Aether House. Hau will appear and a cutscene will occur.

Map Information

Item Location Notes
Max Potion Given by Hau
TM12 (Taunt) Talk to the main near the trailer to the right

Aether House

  1. You need to defeat a Preschooler when you arrive at the Aether House.
  2. Trial Captain Acerola will appear and allow you to start the trial.

Map Information

Wild Pokemon Location Notes
Rattata (Alola) Grass
Pelipper Grass

Route 15

  1. Exit out of the house to trigger another cutscene with Lillie and a Team Skull Grunt.
  2. Defeat the Grunt to get 5 Luxury Balls.
  3. Return to Tapu Village to begin the Trial.
  4. Look for Acerola at the south of the village near the Pokemon Center. Then, head to Route 14.

Route 14

  • Go up the stairs to find Acerola.
  • The Trial of Acerola will proceed. You need to take a picture of a Ghost-type Pokemon using your Poke Finder.

Map Information

Item Location Notes
Destiny Knot Before the pedestal to the west of where you used the Ride Pager Lapras
TM30 (Shadow Ball) Near the scaffold in the west
Max Revive Eastern road

Thrifty Megamart

  1. Go to the Thrifty Megamart. Below are the locations of the Ghost-type Pokemon that you need to take a picture of.
    • At the bottom center of the site, take a picture of a Lv.30 Ghastly that will appear in the conveyor belt.
    • In the upper left corner of the location, take a picture of a Lv.30 Haunter near the shopping cart.
    • At the right side of the market, take a picture of a Lv.30 Gengar near the Pikachu and Marill dolls
  2. Pursue the distant Pikachu.
    • The Poke Finder starts automatically once you’ve entered through the door. Look behind you and you will see Mimikyu.
    • Once you’ve taken a picture of Mimikyu, it will reveal itself to be a Totem Pokemon and will challenge you to a battle.

Totem Pokémon: Mimikyu

  1. When Mimikyu uses the SOS Call, a Hau Lv. 27 will appear in battle. Mimikyu can also use Disguise, an ability that will nullify any damage taken by an enemy Pokemon’s move.
  2. Disguise is a very powerful ability, so be careful on what moves you are going to use each turn. Therefore, if you use a Z-move first, it will be a waste. Blow its cover with a weak move first, then use a Z-move to easily defeat it.
  3. Head outside of the Thrifty Megamart after the battle. Acerola will give you Ghostium Z and 10x Dusk Ball.
  4. After you’ve finished the trial, there is a Mimikyu hiding behind the fence. Then, head to Route 15.

Route 14

  1. You will get a Ghostium Z and 10 Dark Balls from the Trial Captain.

Map Information

Item Location Notes
Ghostium Z Given by the trial captain after completing the trial
Dark Ball x10 Given by the trial captain after completing the trial


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