Recommended areas to grind for Exp early in the game

Learn the tips on how to successfully train your Pokémon during the early course of the game!

This section will show how to increase the Pokémon’s levels during the course of the story such as the best places to grind for Exp, and the suggested Pokémon for leveling in Pokémon Sun & Moon.

Using the「Exp. Share」

Exp. Share can be obtained early on in the game on Pokemon Sun and Moon.

When Exp. Share is set to On, each Pokémon in the party, even those that did not battle will gain Exp.

Using Exp. Share does not decrease the amount of Exp obtained by the Pokémon who was sent out in battle.

Since it is now easier to obtain Exp using the Exp. Share, it is advised to start leveling Pokémon only after obtaining this item.

Recommended location for grinding Exp early in the game

At Verdant Cavern which is where the first trial takes place, the Pokemon found in the wild calls for allies during the battle.

When an ally of the opponent is knocked out, you will still gain EXP. This means that it is possible to encounter several Pokemon during one battle in Verdant Cavern to obtain a massive amount of Exp.

To show how to earn Exp efficiently in Verdant Cavern we will demonstrate it using specific Pokémon leads:

The following are the suggested Pokémon that can help in raising low-level teammates:

· Magnemite

Magnemite is a Pokemon with high base Sp. Attack stat and has good durability and resistances against other types, it can be used as an attacker during the early stages of the game.

· Abra

It does not learn any attack moves unless you evolve it but it does have access to Teleport, which is is a helpful move that can transport the player back to the healing spot it has last visited, at your will. Once it evolves to Kadabra, it becomes a Special Attacker because it not only is now able to learn a variety of attack moves, but also gains a huge jump in Sp. Atk.

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