The DioField Chronicle - Escort the Archbishop Battle Guide

Battle strategy and guide for Escort the Archbishop in The DioField Chronicle's Chapter 1: The Way of Life. This includes an overview, obtainable items, normal and boss enemies, recommended units and unit placements, best strategies and tactics, and clear rewards.

The DioField Chronicle - Chapter 1: Escort the Archbishop Battle and Strategy Guide

Chapter 1: Escort the Archbishop Battle and Strategy Guide in The DioField Chronicle

Battle Overview

Protect the priests on their pilgrimage. We’ll likely be assailed by both bandit and beast, but neither should trouble us unduly.

Battle Information

Chapter  Chapter 1: The Way of Life
How to Unlock Clear The Horace Threat.
Recommended Level Level 11 or higher.
Victory Conditions
  • Defeat all enemies.
Bonus Rewards
  • Allow no allies to fall in battle.
Defeat Conditions
  • All allies defeated.
Clear Rewards
  • +2 SP
  • 900 gold
  • 3,900 exp

Obtainable Items

Item How to Acquire
? Treasure Chest


Enemy # of Units
? units
? units
? units

Battle Preparation

Recommended Active Units

Unit Class
The DioField Chronicle - Andrias Rhondarson Character IconAndrias Rhondarson The DioField Chronicle - Soldier Class IconSoldier (Dagger)
The DioField Chronicle - Fredret Lester Character IconFredret Lester The DioField Chronicle - Cavalier Class IconCavalier (Lance)
The DioField Chronicle - Iscarion Colchester Character IconIscarion Colchester The DioField Chronicle - Sharpshooter Class IconSharpshooter (Bow)
The DioField Chronicle - Waltaquin Redditch Character IconWaltaquin Redditch The DioField Chronicle - Magicker Class IconMagicker (Staff)

Recommended Adjutant Units

Unit Class
The DioField Chronicle - Izelair Wigan Character IconIzelair Wigan The DioField Chronicle - Soldier Class IconSoldier (Sword and Shield)
The DioField Chronicle - Rickenback Madea Character IconRickenback Madea The DioField Chronicle - Sharpshooter Class IconSharpshooter (Bow)

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Recommended Unit Placement

Role Units
Tank Izelair, Andrias
DPS Andrias, Fredret, Iscarion, Rickenback, Waltaquin
Healer Waltaquin

Tank Units

Assign tank melee units such as Izelair or Andrias to the frontlines in order to lure enemies and become a damage sponge.

DPS Units

Command melee DPS units like Fredret to assist in terms of damaging the target from another position like the rear. As for range DPS units like Iscarion and Waltaquin, you must place them from a distance and away from the target range of other enemy units.

Healer Units

Set your healer and support units like Waltaquin away from the fight. However, make them reachable by your other units when they need protection or cover from other enemy units. Preferably get these units close to range DPS units like Iscarion.

Battle and Strategy Guide

Have a balanced team

The DioField Chronicle - Coswell Volcano Expedition Edit Units

Before you start the battle, make sure you have all class types playable in battle: a Soldier, a Cavalier, a Sharpshooter, and a Magicker. We prefer picking Izelair over Andrias and Iscarion over Rickenback.

Assign non-active units as adjutants

In addition, assign a non-active Soldier unit (Izelair) and Sharpshooter unit (Rickenback) as adjutants. Adjutant units are not deployed in battle but their skills are usable by the active unit they are supporting.

Command units in pairs to eliminate enemies in the first and third barricade

In the first turn, there is an open path with enemies (the third barricade) and the first barricade along the path. Command units in pairs (with one a melee and range DPS unit) to eliminate both at the same time. Use active skills if needed.

Target enemies guarding the second barricade

Before moving forward, heal units and let cooldowns reset. Then, attack the enemies guarding the barricade. After clearing destroy the second barricade.

Examine the treasure chest

You will be at the second turn. Locate a treasure chest and open it. Then, return to the convoy to intercept the enemies attacking from the rear.

Target enemies guarding the fourth barricade

Don’t destroy the third and fourth barricades yet. Take out the last set of guards first.

Destroy and third and fourth barricade

After taking out the guarding enemies, destroy the remaining barricades

Use skills like Shield Wall to provoke enemies

The last batch of enemies will come out in the last turn. Let Andrias come out first and use Izelair’s Shield Wall to provoke them. After getting provoked, use the same tactics of bombarding the enemies with AoE Attacks.

Keep summoning Bahamut to deal huge damage.

Start the battle by summoning Bahamut to deal large damage the boss with multiple HP bars. Keep using the summons for damage and HP recovery (when using Goldhorne).

Use skills like Meteor Fall and Rain of Arrows to deal AoE damage

Lead with Andrias’s Shield Wall (through Izelair) close to the Explosive Keg to lure the bosses. Bombard the enemies using Iscarion’s Rain of Arrows and Waltaquin’s Meteor Fall.

Andrias will switch back and let him deal critical damage from the rear. Make Fredret the tank for this battle. Also, use Waltaquin’s healing for additional recovery.

Battle Strategy Video

Here is a battle strategy video for Escort the Archbishop. The battle is already timestamped so you no longer need to browse through the whole video:

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